Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well, we've made it. After crossing 8 states, enduring many bathroom breaks, going to an indoor waterpark, Mount Rushmore, and Devil's Tower life has become somewhat boring. Well maybe just not as much fun as we've endured Ben's walking pneumonia, construction loan paperwork, a one bedroom apartment, weekly visits to the laundromat, and now Ben was rear ended. We will just continue to turn to prayer and thank God we are all together as we endure the next several months until the house is built.
The kids are adjusting but we all miss our friends in Kentucky, and are hoping to make new friends here soon.
The pictures are all from the kids camera (an old broken digital that is but together with duct tape, but it still works). We hope you all enjoy keeping track of us on our new website but bear with me this isn't going as easily as I hoped it would.