Friday, August 27, 2010

First and Second Day of School

Beau and Anna started school on Thursday, but my camera was out of commission. So after school I got a picture of Anna and then today I took second day of school pictures on the way to the bus stop. They are still tired from our mini-vacation in Billings, you can tell by Beau's eyes he wasn't ready to be awake. They both get up great, love their teachers and are excited to be back in school. Me, I'd still like for them to be at home. Luke would like them home too, he misses them a lot, he's a little lonely. He starts preschool next Wednesday three days a week in the morning, and I am hoping we take naps in the afternoon. Anna loves to come home and cuddle or play with Owen and Beau just comes home and heads off to play. We will settle into a routine, but for now it is still new and we are all adjusting.

He's 5

Luke is 5 today, hard to believe how fast time flies.

Luke loves swimming, and he is becoming more confident every time we go.
He can swim underwater very well and loves jumping in.
Now that he is tall enough to touch in the shallow end
he feels like he can conquer anything, although
he is still cautious. He loves the water.

His love of the water extends to the tub.
If Luke is tired, cranky, sick, or bored put him in the bath and he gets a whole new attitude.
Owen has taken a bath or two with him when I need to get him clean.
Luke feels super special as a big brother holding his baby in the tub.
Owen loves the water too but isn't so sure in Luke's arms.

Luke loved the waterpark this past weekend. He is still tired from all the fun.
This was the leap frog lily pads, he loved conquering them.
Sometimes he fell in on purpose imitating one of the kids favorite shows WipeOut.

We love our 5 year old, he loves legos, bionicles, and anything Anna wants to do. He is equally played with by Beau and Anna and is a little lost with them back in school. He can't wait for preschool to start on Wednesday and loves making new friends. He still loves to play with my hair and although it drives me crazy someday I'm gonna miss it. His smile lights up the room and he can be the life of the party. Luke can turn anything into a toy including his hands and he is never quiet. He may grow up to be a sound effects man because he sure is good at it although he spits a lot making all those noises. He wants to be an ice cream scooper, a popcorn man and then a pilot when he grows up. I figure the first two jobs will help pay for college.
Happy Birthday to our Monkey.
He still gives the best monkey hugs.

Beau and Owen

Beau loves Owen, he just doesn't engage a lot with him. But occasionally I catch moments like this, where Beau shows how much he cares. He talks to him a lot and loves to kiss his toes. Beau is a great big brother, yesterday after school he went to Anna's classroom to get her and when they came into the foyer to meet me they were holding hands. As soon as he saw me he let her hand go, but it was so sweet. He also was extremely helpful at the waterpark playing and helping Luke. He may be a pain sometime but he has a big heart and loves his siblings.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Owen At Play

Owen really likes to play on his play mat. He will talk and coo and kick his legs. He is also getting strong on his belly, holding up his head and talking. Yesterday he rolled from belly to back for the first time, I missed it the first time but he did it again later for me. I can't believe he is almost 2 months already. Time flies when your sleep pattern is so out of whack you don't know what day it is. Owen has so many different facial expressions, and depending on his expression his looks change. He is a lot of fun and he loves to be heard, he talks loudly and when he wants me now he screams loudly too.


Owen has been included in a few more activities lately, like sleeping while the others watch tv and I cook dinner. Or I needed to do some laundry so the tiger became his resting spot while he watched the others play, except Anna became more interested in Owen being in there with them than playing. I need to get a good shot of the 4 of them, but this is a more normal day in our house. Playing or resting in the evening watching a little television. Although Luke wasn't supposed to have the goldfish in my bed.

One morning before Beau and Anna were awake Luke had some Owen time. Owen talked and Luke played with Owen's hand the whole time. It didn't last long, but it was cute. Owen was talking in the second picture not crying.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sleeping like a frog

Smiles with Anna

Super sweet smiles saved for sis.

Help me mommy, I'm done playing.

New Additions

Our newest addition relaxing on our newer bigger vehicle.

Proof daddy was nearby if Owen got too wiggly.