Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life With Owen

The dogs are no longer safe, he doesn't care which dog it is, he likes to visit with them.

Pulling himself up and standing at a toy.

Practicing push-ups, waiting for the day daddy says "Give me 5"

His goofy grin, one of many funny faces he makes.


Owen got himself into a predicament the other day, he did eventually get out of it without help, I was too busy taking pictures to help him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look What Owen Can Do

Owen has learned to crawl. He will crawl for food, he found the dog food today. He didn't eat any though. He will crawl to find me but stops and starts crying as soon as he sees me. He will crawl for the vacuum as he was doing in the video. Soon I'm afraid of what he will crawl to do.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Bonfire

We enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather for New YEars, so we took advantage of it in the usual Eagan way with a bonfire. There were a few drinks and lots of smiles. I even let Beau and Anna pajama clad come out and enjoy ringing in the new year with us. This was Anna's favorite part of our trip to Michigan and I'm glad I let them share the night with us. Luke and Owen went to bed around 10, I had to trick Luke into going to bed but he was so tired I couldn't let him stay up. Beau and Anna slept til 9 the next morning, but it is a memory they will always have and they didn't witness too much stupidity. It was a fairly calm night for the Eagan clan.

I love the smiles in the above picture and my SIL's backside,
her front side is loaded down with baby number three wish you could
see it better she has a very cute (and big) basketball belly.

Anna stayed near the snacks most of the night while Beau wandered
around more. They were fun to watch around the fire.

The Snow Drift

This is what welcomed us back from our trip.

Owen wasn't too thrilled to pose
for this picture, it wasn't that cold.