Tuesday, September 27, 2011

After Homework

After school Anna found a kit to paint two horses. It had been in her closet, but it was one of those things that just got stashed in the back corner when unpacking. She got it out and asked to paint. I knew it would take all of her concentration so I made her do her homework and shower first. She gave me a little eye roll, but obliged the conditions. Then she painted. She was so focused. There were two horses, a mare and a foal. She loved it.
So now I know what to look for to put in her stocking. She really does enjoy artsy things.
There is a pottery place not too far from her and I think we are going to have to make a trip there in the next few months.

I love how focused she was, she completely ignored me taking pictures.
She simply didn't care, she was in her own world and had no need to pose for the camera.
She'd purse her lips when she was working on small spots.

I also like how her hair falls in her face but she doesn't even care she is too busy to notice.

This is the finished foal, I didn't get a picture of the finished mare, but they were both well done.

This is Beau after homework, I have withheld his favorite game from him for the last couple months for no other reason then I could. We don't play a lot of video games, although he could easily get lost in them and play for hours so sometimes I just act like they don't exist.
Yesterday though I obliged his request and he got to play. The internet didn't cooperate so it was very frustrating, but not once did he lose his cool, which in Beau's world is a major accomplishment and a real show of growth. He also had some homework right next to him and when the game fritzed he'd work on the assignment (not due today), I couldn't believe the quality of his work. It was better than if I had just made him sit and do it. Since I didn't force him to just sit and write but let him do two things at once the work was better, more creative, and well written. I don't know that he will get to do both at once often, but it definitely gives me a resource when he's struggling to focus. He has been known to read three books at once, sometimes he just needs to let his brain bounce I think.

Luke did all his homework for the week last night so that he could have his turn on the computer tonight. He also goes to bed about an hour earlier than Beau and Anna much to his dismay. Owen was also in bed, not that he sleeps these days, but he did go down without a tear. I really look forward to being done with teething although we have a long way to go.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Big Kids

I got a whole week of Beau, Anna and Luke home this past week and while it was work and discipline and raised mommy voice (maybe occasionally a yell or four) it was a wonderful week. Beau was the roughest, when his schedule is changed he struggles, but yesterday proved all my lecturing was getting through. He was helpful, kind, endearing, and extremely pleasant to be around. Anna is and has always been pleasant 98% of the time, easy to get along with does what she's asked, but 2% of the time her attitude flares and world watch out when it does. Her flares this week were quickly contained and very few tears followed, but she has a way with words that is going to make us laugh but could easily get her into trouble too. She is still a tremendous big sister and always the first I ask to help with Owen. Luke is walking the line between being a little boy and a big boy, he wants to whine but knows he shouldn't, he tries to hang with the big kids but wants to hang back and curl up with his mommy still too. He had to take a nap one day because he was so tired, but I didn't tell him to he asked if he could. He is always so animated and still the best noise maker ever. I love this picture of the three of them. They were thrilled that I was making them stand still at Stone Mountain, Luke's making weird facial expressions, Anna's fixing her hair, and Beau looks bored. Can't believe how far we've come but looking forward to all that we still have before us. Owen is pulling up the rear but making sure he is part of all the action.
Oh yeah and I love these children and the one not pictured beyond any words could express, I love being their mother and I am overwhelmingly blessed because of them.

After Owen Went Down the Hill

Owen is never clean.
Even when he's playing in suds.
He ends up in the bath even though he looks like he just took one.
He acts like he's trying to help, but he's not.
He is really cute doing it though.

The Price of Five Minutes of Peace

It was a healthy snack, a sliced banana with 1/2 tbsp of Nutella.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Apple Pie

I made my first pie on Friday. Although it was a store bought crust, I still thought it tasted pretty good. Luke said he wished he liked it because he really wanted to like it, but he didn't like it. I had a coupon for a free bag of apples with the purchase of two pillsbury pie crusts so I used it. That means I still have one box of pie crust left. I am going to maybe make a peach pie, or just do a chicken pot pie. But I thought my first attempt was a success and I am not so afraid of pie anymore, although Ben is still in charge of the holiday pies, pumpkin and pecan.

Owen Overcoming an Obstacle

Our house sits in the bottom of a bowl,
or that's how I would describe it.
The yard goes up at an angle all the way around the house.
The front yard is probably the steepest.
On Saturday Owen ambled up the front hill.
Once he got a little more than half way up he sat down.
Then he started calling for help.

No one came, but I grabbed the camera.

So he decided to try to get down on his own.
He took tiny steps.

It was precarious, he went slow.

And even being very precautious he still landed on his bum multiple times.

He thought I came to rescue him.

He realized I hadn't and got up to finish the trek on his own.

Proud of himself.

Hi Mom, I'm almost there.

He watched his feet the rest of the way down, and he made it without another fall.

Luke's Shiner

Luke got a black eye at school on Friday.
The nurse called right at the end of the day to tell me he had been hurt.
He'd run into another child on the playground.
This picture was Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon.
This morning.

He was concerned it would be permanent like a scar but once we reassured him it wouldn't he's been fine. I'm ready for it to go away. There is a big bruise on his cheek too but it doesn't show up well in the pictures.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chattahoochee River National Rec Area

We've gone to the Chattahoochee River twice now. Both times were fantastic, we just love to enjoy the outdoors. The first time we didn't wear swimsuits but we still ended up in the river. The second time we brought a raft and life jackets and although we'd really prefer a canoe we all fit in that will have to wait til a summer or two first we need a house. The kids love the water, Luke liked having a life jacket on this second visit, Owen was a little more tired this time so stayed on my hip more. The first time we went he wouldn't let us pick him up. I don't get a lot of pictures because the kids want me with them in the water. So here are a few although the one of Anna is from Stone Mountain, i just liked it too much and forgot to include it in the last post.
Looking forward to another weekend of fun.

Stone Mountain - mostly pictures

We went to Stone Mountain last Saturday. We climbed up one side and then viewed a laser show on the other. It is a slightly strenuous climb, but lots of fun. It cracks me up that the kids add more effort to their climb by jumping from stone to stone, climbing on extra rocks and running all the way down. They had so much fun and so did we that I know we will go back many times. Owen did great on the way up in the backpack for Ben, on the way down I took him and he was tired so he was a little cranky but not bad. As a family we love to be outdoors so this activity was perfect for us, I think my friend Melissa (who just spent a wonderful week with us) enjoyed it too.