Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ben makes the pies, pumpkin and pecan.

Luke helped with the sweet potatoes.
Anna did too, but a Barbie movie was on so she lost interest in helping.


Owen's turkey and sweet potatoes.
He enjoyed them.

Daddy left the bowl too close, Owen helped himself.
Ben, Daisy and a little Baileys.
Nothing better than cuddling with a sleeping baby after a big meal.
We are very thankful for Daisy this year, she is 2 months old and just
over 5 lbs, she entered the world 11 weeks early and has made a big
impact already. Her mommy and daddy are some of our greatest friends.
We are thankful for all of them.

A little bit stuck, the drift was so high our friend's suburban
got stuck so Ben and Kraig had to dig it out after dinner.

Owen all dressed up for the day.


Thankful for so many things...
Beau's curiousity
Anna's gentle spirit
Luke's energy
Owen's cuddles
Ben's love and his giving heart
Parents who love us unconditionally
Sisters and brothers only a phone call away
Friends nearby
and friends far away
Aunts and Uncles
Grandma Eagan
Lessons learned
My Suburban (and not getting stuck in snow)
Warms fires
Family of all kinds
Pets (and the joy they bring my children)
Faith in a God who is always there and always forgives.

Happy Thanksgiving...missing our family in friends spread out all over the country.
Although it is going to be a crazy trip can't wait for Connecticut at Christmas
and Michigan for New Year's. Love to All!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snapshots from This Week

Owen is learning to sit.

He growls like a lion
when he is falling asleep.

Luke loves holding his baby brother
in the tub, and smiles all the time.

Owen is 16 lbs 8 oz, he is so big.
He loves to play with his toys.
They all go straight into his mouth.

Anna is growing into a young lady,
I am missing my baby girl.
She is such a help most of the time
and such a challenge some of the time.

Beau got a haircut. Guess I should hold him down and take a picture or two.

Christmas Card Fiasco's

I love to attempt Christmas cards, I've done homemade ones with kids' footprints, I've stamped some and I have done photo Christmas cards for the past two year. Unfortunately many people don't know I've done them because I am notorious for getting them addressed and labeled and then not stamped. Some get sent but many don't. This year Shutterfly is generously giving bloggers 50 free holiday/Christmas cards. Go here to check it out There are some great holiday cards that would be perfect for me. Not only will I be able to find the perfect holiday card to send to share our newest treasure with our distant family and friends, but I will also be able to get use from some of these cards all year through. For those that don't get sent (not that I'll do that again this year), I will be able to use them as a thank you or thinking of you thanks to the versatile designs that are offered this year.

I love this first card, Joy for the year
because I can put one picture of each
child into it and the colors are bold and bright.

This card is great because it is
encourage and cheerful and proceeds go to
the LIVESTRONG foundation which benefits
cancer patients.
Shutterfly also has some great gift ideas.
Recently we sent a photo mug to a loved one
and it was well received. Now every morning
Pepere can have his coffee and see his smiling
Check out Shutterfly for yourself, there are some great Christmas gift ideas and lots of cards and prices are great right now. Mugs are even buy one get one half off.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

O So Thankful

Just gearing up for Thanksgiving here. Getting as much wear out of this shirt as possible. He looks good in lime green and orange, at least that's what I think. He also looks good in that new hat of his. He loves that I put it on him at weird times too just so I can take another picture of him in it. I love his smiles, Daddy was playing with him when I took these pictures, I swear he reserves his best smiles for Daddy.

Owen's Hat and Blanket

Owen has a new hat,
one that fits him well.
My uber talented friend, Melissa
made it for him. I keep telling
her she should open a little
shop on-line, she is so good.
Owen's hat happens (unintentionally)
to match his blankie Auntie Gail
made for him. He loves his blankie,
it is his lovie. He will fall asleep
with it faster than with any other.
So he is super cute with his new hat and his blanket
when tucked into his carseat.
The weather is COLD here
so we need that hat and blanket.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beau's 9th Birthday

Journeyed back through pictures this week. Back when I had my first baby and motherhood was new and so much was unknown. Beau taught me to be a mom, he taught me how to calm his tears all through the day and night. He is still teaching me with each year something else must be conquered, whether it is learning to read, learning to make friends, leaving behind the cartoons and moving into real tv and movies (his words not mine), growing into the man cub God intends him to be.
Beau is such an adventure. Nothing is just as it is with Beau, there is always more to it and he is going to dig deeper until he understands the reasons behind everything. He can't navigate the internet as well as I can. He and I read books together and have in depth conversations about the characters, what they did right and wrong, what might have made them better, why they are good or bad, and I love discussing story lines with him. Usually he reads the books before I do, but recently I read a series before him and it drove him crazy that I wouldn't tell him what happened next. He'd ask so many questions and I'd just say read it. He is so much like me, I hate waiting to find out what happens next in a movie or book.
Watching Beau's relationship with Ben grow has been amazing. With Ben home all the time Beau has really learned to lean on him and loves spending time with him alone. They have karate together now twice and week and I can see so many of Ben's personality traits coming out in Beau. If Beau questions what dirt is made of, he asks Ben and gets a detailed scientific explanation, my answer is usually God made it. Beau loves watching action/adventure movies with Ben and thinks he is older because he gets to do this.
Beau is excelling at school, his reading level is extremely high and although he has to work at math, he has learned a little studying at home goes a long way to making the school day easier. This is his first year with letter grades and his first grade report card comes home next week.
He loves to have me come lay with him before he goes to bed to rehash his day to me. I don't always have the time he wants me to spend down in his room with him, but I try. In my heart I want to believe he'll always want me to come down at night and rehash the goods and bads of his day, but I know these moments shall pass so I should hold on to them and treasure then now while I can even if there is a list of things a mile long I still need to do and I can hear Owen crying. Juggling all four is a challenge I love, and Beau has really stepped up to being the older brother.
I have treasured these 9 years and I can't wait to see what is in store for us this year.


One day old Nov 2001

17 Months
2, Already Loves Reading
3rd Birthday

4th Birthday and Bionicles Begin

Almost 5, in Pappa Lloyd's hat.

Just before 6 and Soccer

Almost 7, loves his puppy

Turning 8 this fall.

Turning 9 Soon.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swimming Fun

The kids had a blast
swimming for two hours today.
Anna has begun to overcome all her fear of the water.
Owen got dunked, and didn't like it,
but he loves to splash and kick in the water.
Beau enjoyed fun with his friends and the hot tub.
I didn't catch a lot of Luke, but he almost fell asleep
sitting on the floor as we packed up to leave
he played until he dropped.
Love watching the kids wear themselves out playing hard.

Beau's Birthday Party

Ben planned a party for Beau.
He invited a few friends,
we had a cake,
he opened some presents,
and we all had lots of fun.