Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I think I found a new way to shop. I will just enter give aways on blogs. I am really enjoying this blog world that I have found. I particularly like http://www.aordinarylife.com She has some great giveaways and lots of links to other great places. Her current giveaway is for a rose cottage, Anna would love it as would all my nieces.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Review for You

I really like people that make the attempt to start a business with their own talents. Today's store I found was http://www.touchofavalon.com. Just some beautiful jewelry to look at and know someone hand made it. I'll have to do some more looking around. Always looking for the right gifts.

Ten Things I Believe

1. I believe love overcomes.
2. I believe laughing through tears makes the world a better place.
3. I believe children need discipline.
4. I believe real friends are there when you need them.
5. I believe having a sister is a true blessing.
6. I believe failures make you stronger.
7. I believe life can overwhelm you but you can overcome it.
8. I believe facing fears makes you grow as a person.
9. I believe my children have taught me more than anyone else.
10. I believe family is very important.


So today I am signing up for everything under the sun. It is slightly a waste of time but I deserved a little time off this morning. So my hour of would be napping was spent blog hopping to different give aways. It has been interesting.
Here is one to look at http://mamakatslosinit.blogspot.com/2008/09/mama-kats-hoover-give-away-extravaganza.html
I might have to put a few more in later, but for now I have to do some constructive studying since Ben took Luke to work this afternoon, I have one hour and twenty minutes to spend on studying and looking for my hair tie because Luke insists on taking them out and hiding them from me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blue Ponies

Our high school mascot is the Blue Ponies. I am not very fond of it but seeing as we just moved here no one seems to care what I think about it anyway. I did learn the reason for this is that the Indians used to call the Cavalry the blue ponies. At least now I know the history of it, it still doesn't mean I like it or come even close to being able to tolerate it. But they are proud of their blue ponies as is evident by the very fact they painted one blue and rode it in the parade. I couldn't believe when I saw it coming down the street, I had to take a picture of it just to prove to everyone that it was really there. Or maybe just to prove it to myself.
We went to the Festival Parade on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning and the kids were really excited about being there. Although Anna's expression didn't show that. She was being coy with the camera and I kept clicking even though I never caught a smile.

Well from a distance I got a smile, but the light was washing it out a little bit so I switched it to black and white and it is a cute picture. She rarely leaves the house without a necklace, ring, or watch/bracelet on. I don't know where she gets that from because it isn't me. This day she was wearing a ring on her thumb and her necklace she got at the PowWow in August.
She also really loves soaking up Daddy. If she can wriggle into his arms for any length of time she will, and she convinced him to pick her up while we were waiting for the parade to start. You can see in her eyes she got exactly what she wanted. Also notice the little rug burn on her chin, she got it going down the slide during recess at school. She has the oddest injuries, and she is keeping tabs on how many times she gets hurt at recess, we are only up to two.
I would have pictures of the boys, but you see they wouldn't even stay still for one shot, they are all of the side of their heads or of dirt in their hands. So next time I will try to include them. Anna is starting to dominate the world of pictures.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's a Boy To Do

We were getting ready to head to the property when Anna came in very concerned. She and Luke were playing with one of Ben's wrenches. I went to look and the wrench was stuck to Luke's shirt they had broken it somehow and the shirt was stuck fast. I didn't know how to get it out, but I knew Ben would so he got his backpack of toys and got in the truck. But on the way I couldn't stop lauging every time I looked at him and I had to grab the camera. This picture is priceless, never a dull moment.

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Can't Beat the View

Whenever the mud really starts to get to me I just have to look a little bit further into the horizon. And this is what I see to the south of us.The Bears Paw Mountains (yes, Bears Paw, don't ask me.) They are beautiful and the colors that day were extraordinary. Then we look to the Northwest.
And we can see the Sweet Grass Mountains, these are harder to see but just as gorgeous. We have yet to drive to them they are easily over two hours away, but we do enjoy the view.
Now inside the house.

This view won't last much longer as the drywall should be up any day now, but I was sitting on the basement steps looking up. The boys really get a kick out of being on the ledge so hi, Anna however, has a slight fear of heights and was coerced to get that close to the edge, but she did it, my brave girl. Now down below.

These were the steps I was sitting on and this is half of my basement, the other half doesn't have concrete yet so it isn't quite as nice looking but I love this half. I love that it will contain the playroom and all the toys. We will put up sheet rock and make a toy storage area or play area under the steps still under negotiations. Now out front.

This is where my front door will be you can kind of see Ben inside working on it, he has to now redo all of the work due to some funky wood seepage but it will all soon be done correctly. I absolutely love the color of my siding. It reminds me of my childhood home on Balk Rd. Did I mention I love it. Oh yeah, there is going to be a great front porch here when all is said and done. Back inside...

This is my bedroom, with the windows facing west, can't wait to watch the sunsets.
But to the east we can see the moon.
This is the view in the front yard looking a little southeast.
Now just turn slightly to look northeast and you get this...
Can't forget the construction equipment, it is a staple in our lives at the moment. I think I might print and frame this picture, I really like it.
I have more pictures of the house and will take more this weekend. I want to show my closet, dining room and kitchen off, although they will be much more fabulous when they are finished...it looks like that may be in time for our Thanksgiving guests. I hope Memere, Papa Lloyd, Auntie Kara, and Scott don't mind wading through the boxes. We can't wait to share it with all of you, visitors are always welcome.


This is why I hate mud. Unfortunately when it rains the property turns into one big mud hole, I can't imagine why. So all of my children's shoes look like this. These are Luke's, he of course is the biggest culprit in the mud holes, he cannot stay away from them, we wash his hands over and over...oh wait, we still don't have running water. So washing his hands is a tad bit challenging, but it does happen. The shoes on the other hand, I'm not even sure where they are right now, good thing the warm weather came back and we can wear sandals again. :)
Now, almost every time we go to the "property", we will call it home in 58 days if all goes as planned, I bring extra clothes at least one set for each kid sometimes two. Well on this particular day I hadn't, but it was cold and we'd managed to keep the kids in the basement all day. After Luke's nap he and I ran to town for a few things, a common practice when you are married to Ben and he has forgotten something again. So while we were in town, my phone rings, do you have any clothes here for Beau and Anna. Well no, why? Well they are muddy, and right now they are naked in their sleeping bags. Thankfully I wasn't far from the house so I could rescue them with some clothes. (Anna did have clothes there and put them on but they were shorts and a tank top, not weather appropriate.) SO I took there clothes and this is the way they were when I got there, well their faces anyway.

Beau was obviously thrilled.
Anna, she wasn't liking the caked on mud as much but she muddled through.
So that again why I hate mud. The next post will be on the more upbeat side and the positives of moving to the "property".

Friday, September 12, 2008

Conversations with Anna

Anna has been home sick for a few days...
That has left her much rambling time, I still can't figure out why no one else seems to think that she can talk and does talk. She is so quiet at school her teacher is happy to get three words out of her. She says she is shy, I think she just likes to see how crazy she can make me. Gotta love a child that knows more than she lets on, she is always making those around her wonder.

Some of her more interesting pieces...
"Mom there's an airplane."
Yes, Anna, good eyes.
"Mom, Memere is going to fly on a plane here, but she isn't on that plane."
"When is she coming"
She will be here in November at Thanksgiving.
"How many days is that."
Too many to count right now.
"OK, but will you tell me when it is the day after tomorrow."
Sure Anna.

The Doctor asked "is she allergic to anything"
To which I answered not that we know of.
She was flabbergasted, with a look of disgust she promptly tapped me on the shoulder and said
"I am allergic to cats" yes Anna, but that isn't a concern right now.

Question of the day that I had no answer to today...
"Mom, Why is Goofy, goofy?"

Anyone, she would like an answer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Day of Seven

So while I should be doing a million other things, I'm going to do this because it's fun and we all deserve a little fun. I have kind of become bloggy since starting my own blog but I only seem to follow three regularly. And today "this is reverb" posted a challenge of sorts and I am not one who could pass it up. I also greatly admire the writer of this blog as he is proof that God has a grand purpose for our lives if we just allow Him to work through us.
So my sevens...

Seven pictures just because...

I don't know where we would be in life without Beau and Bionicles.

My No. 1 on what makes me smile, and my man with tools.

The grandchildren of my parents minus the newest one in Michigan so now there are 7.

Tandem skydiving, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
My beautiful silly children.
Hard work that is what we are all about.
And fun, can't forget the fun.

Seven things that make me smile...
1. Watching my husband with our children.
2. Luke's spiderman dance, I've really got to get that on video.
3. Beau's quest for knowledge with comments of all kinds.
4. Anna's stubborn outlook on life, yet she is so easy going, could someone please explain little girls to me.
5. A phone call from a friend.
6. Making my husband laugh, even though it is usually at my expense.
7. My family all together in church on Sunday.

Seven lessons God has taught me this year...
1. With loss comes growth, you will get it through it, but it takes time.
2. His plan is better than mine, I have to learn this one over and over.
3. Trusting in Him means trusting in other humans too, that is hard for me.
4. We all have a beautiful offering to give.
5. Sometimes we just have to let go and let God.
6. Giving to others can feel better than receiving.
7. Children can teach you more than you can teach them (sometimes).

We need to forgive 70 times 7 times, that is what Jesus teaches and that is SO HARD, but that is always the first thing I think of when I think of the number 7. Forgiveness is the lesson I hope to most instill in my children.

Thanks Pastor Ryan, for keeping me from my regularly scheduled tasks of the day, and making me slow down and look at all the great things in life, there are so many more than 7.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The House Part 1

So as many or most or all of you know, we are building a house, well Jim is building the house. We are moving along quite well with minor hiccups here and there. The first part of the house was a big hole and then the forms went up for the basement.

Then once the basement was in the floor joists went on.

Then the house went up, it was a lot slower than what it sounds, but it is now up. I also didn't seem to take many pictures along the way. But we are getting siding on and the next post will have a video with a guided tour of the before, when it is just bare bones. I think I picked my tile for the shower today, and our floors and walls have all been decided, my last big hurdle is the kitchen backsplash. I am by no means an interior decorator.
I also don't know how to make the pictures go between the text so you'll have to look at them where they are. Maybe someday I'll get better at this. So the last picture is actually supposed to be the first picture and in the end I did figure out how to type between so next time it will be even better.
Hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of what we are doing here. Life is crazy but we are having fun.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birthday gifts

Luke got his present from Memere and Papa Lloyd today. A bunch of dino's and he loves them. The video is saying thank you because he wanted to go to Memere's house to say thank you but it is just too far away to make that trip today.
He's had a great birthday thanks to everyone for the great gifts, he loves them all. Incinerator seems to show up in the oddest places, thanks Nana and Papa Randy.