Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Life with Owen

Days with Owen are never dull, he talks nonstop and has an insatiable appetite to learn. Most of the time it is exhausting to keep up with him, and being four years younger means his vocabulary isn't normal for a three year old. "Epic fail" or awesome or "where's my agenda?" Are everyday phrases for Owen. Recently his imagination is working overtime.
Yesterday on the way home from softball there was a beautiful sunset. Anna was remembering sunsets in Montana, Luke was marveling at how large and orange it was, then Owen pipes in. "Wow, it would be cool to be in a hot air balloon and fly over there, it'd be SOOO pretty, and then the sun  Would start shooting lava at you and the balloon would catch on fire and you'd crash and that would  so cool but really hot." Anna and I just shook our heads we had no idea where that story came from.
Today on the way home from the grocery store, Owen informed me "kangaroos can't go in the grocery store they have to stay at the zoo or on the farm" Really Owen where did that come from. 
He is an expert at delaying bedtime, and his favorite excuse at nap time is but I took a nap yesterday. He has to take a nap everyday because his fun loving over energetic personality becomes obstinate and mean when he gets tired. He has a new favorite cartoon called Paw Patrol. It's fun to watch him learn the characters names and replay e episode to me because i rarely pay attentn. His favorite character is Rubble the construction bulldog. Time for his nap.