Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Succumbed...

To Facebook and it was totally worth it because I got to chat with one of my best friends who is stationed in Iraq right now and it was so great to reconnect. I miss him and all his sarcastic comments. The whole world is also on there so I have got messages from all sorts of random people I haven't heard from in a really long time. I won't neglect my blog though because I can write more here and tell more stories. Life is good.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna, We love you

Today was Anna's birthday. We had a magnificent time so far. We went to swimming lessons and Anna (gingerly) jumped (tiptoed off the edge) into the pool for the first time. Then we had a birthday bash tea party of pizza making and cake eating, the mess was evident on most of the kids faces but everyone seemed to have lots of fun. Anna was graciously given some great gifts. Each has been opened and played with most of the afternoon. Beau made her a crown from one of her girts that she has now had on for at least an hour.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planning Ahead

I'm having Anna's birthday party on Friday from 12-2. I thought that would eliminate cutting into our weekend during this great summer we are having. Although doing that means that I have to have everything ready because Ben isn't here to watch the kids or help prepare or get in the way. I got all the cakes done tonight. We are having a tea party thus, the the teacup cakes and then the big cake shaped like the kettle. I wrote all the girls names on their cups, spelling is questionable though. I also made cakes that are round (or half circles, I cut one in half to have enough) and put the boys names on it. Beau gets to have one friend and so does Luke (both of them have sisters that will be here anyway so why not.) It will be fun, or I hope. Any ideas for party favors to go along with the tea party theme, I'm stumped.
Also a couple pics of Anna getting her ears pierced that Ben took while they were there. I thought I'd taken some of her all done up after the piercing but I can't remember whose camera they are on. I'll find them soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here She Is

Anna's haircut turned out just fine. I curled it today and I really like it. I am growing to accept the bangs for now. She has a birthday party to go to today and she is getting her ears pierced for her 6th birthday which is Friday. She grows up a little more every day, how sad I miss those little blond curls on her two-year-old head. She is a lot of fun and full of sweetness.
To answer the last post, her favorite was C the 80's punk style she liked the best. Her cut was a cross between B and D. (that is if I'm remembering the order right). She looks adorable no matter what and she is such a great daughter.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Cut Anyone

I went into Anna's room today to check the progress of her cleaning. I found a pile of hair. The other day I'd noticed she'd cut her hair in a few places, and I wasn't very happy. Thankfully Daddy was home to calm me down before I blew up and it was handled calmly and rationally in a way that it would not have been if Daddy hadn't been home. One of the times I was most grateful to have him here and so thankful he isn't in the Army (and gone) anymore.
Upon seeing the pile of hair I realized she hadn't only cut her own hair, but she had played beauty parlor with her Barbies. I found four that had gone in for a cut. I asked her if she cut hers or her Barbies first. Barbies was the answer. I can only gather she thought her Barbies looked so good that she would be able to do the same to herself (that however was not the case, ugh!) So tomorrow we are getting her hair cut the way she has always wanted it (at least for the last year).

Two questions for you to answer.
1. Which Barbie below is Anna's favorite haircut to look at?
2. Which Barbie will she be getting her hair cut like?
Hint: They are not the same.


DTomorrow I will post a picture of her hair cut. Also don't pay too much attention to the way these dolls are dressed or well not, they were all put away in their proper place when I pulled them out for their photo debut.

P.S. I am still coming to terms with this whole episode, it caught me way off guard.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This weekend we were very busy. We built a rabbit hutch, finally. We cleaned the garage, built shelves, finished the shed and cleaned off the front porch. We even pressure washed the porch.
Everything looks great and now we can have our garage sale.
In between all that fun we, well Ben killed two rattlesnakles. The first one I saw in the yard between the driveway and house, the dogs pointed it out. The second one the dogs did all the work. They were barking at something and Ben saw the snake strike at Oscar. Thankfully he missed, but Ben got his gun and the snake is no longer. Beau now has two rattles that he keeps in a box. I am hoping those are the only two of the year, but I fear there will be more. I don't like them at all and I do my I am going to pee my pants from fear dance everytime we see one. The kids laugh at me and so does Ben, but I don't care I don't like rattlesnakes. I'll post pictures of our weekend soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tie Dye

Pictures of Luke and Anna in their shirts. We were just getting ready to watch Wipeout, our family time on Wednesday night. I think watching the kids is almost funnier than watching the show.


Ben came home from work yesterday carrying a box. I thought he'd found a garage sale treasure or something, on the box was a nice dish with a glass lid. I was a little excited that he found something for me. Ha, I was wrong. There was this inside...Anna is going to tell you about Poofy, this is her first time typing. I like the rabbit. The rabbit cute. It is wite and black. It lkes to cutol and jump. It is a sneaky bunny.

Luke's face is enough to melt any mom, don't you think.

I thought the kids were crazy for naming it Poofy, but the stinkin' rabbit is living up to its name. Apparently the small dog kennel we have won't work for a make-shift hutch even for a short time, the dwarf lop earred bunny went "POOF" in the night. When we went to check on him this morning, he wasn't there. We spent ten minutes searching the garage before Beau finally spotted him. He was camoflauged being black and white. We will have to build something quick for the tricky little thing. Anna has spent most of the morning in the garage with him because he isn't allowed in the house. The kittens might get attention again by this weekend but for now the bunny is the new rage.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

School's Out For Summer

Anna is sad, she didn't want school to end. Beau is ecstatic and has been playing since 6 this morning. Anna slept until 8:30, Luke only until 7. I'm going to try to continue getting up early and being up before Ben leaves for work. The key word is try. I was up before 7 today. We need milk, but I don't really want to take all three children to the store even though I am happy they are home for summer. They are having so much fun doing whatever they want that I don't want to interrupt and we will head out later this afternoon. Anna and Luke are bathed and wearing matching tie dye shirts that Anna's class made. They had an extra and since Luke was there so much the teacher thought he needed one. It took a little convincing to get Luke to wear it, he didn't like all the colors or something. Anna continues to remind me of all the projects she wants to get done this summer. The list is long. Today is fold all the laundry day. I've already finished getting stuff ready for the garage sale for next weekend (Ben won't be ready for this weekend, his shed has a little more to go.) I also want to get the porch cleaned off before the sale because I might set it up there instead of the driveway, it depends on the weather. Beau has already watered the plants this morning, I think I'm going to like having these little errand doers home.
Enjoy your Wednesday, I am definitely enjoying mine.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Weekend

Three birthday parties and lots of work outdoors kept us very busy this weekend. Ben and Beau were able to get the shed roof on and shingled, now I just have to paint the trim pieces and Ben will put them on. Then the shed is done and I don't have to think about it anymore. Ben and I got up early Saturday morning and poured a concrete sidewalk, nothing special, but keeps us out of the mud when it rains. The kids and I then planted three plants and a bunch of tiger lilies between the sidewalk and garage. We had a lot of fun even though it was a lot of work. Ben and I planted some raspberry bushes behind the shed, and we are hoping they survive. Our maple tree got planted in the back yard. I worry when the wind starts blowing and it begins bending but so far it is holding up. We are preparing for a garage sale and getting ready to pour the countertops, hopefully I will have a lot of pictures soon to show the updates around here.
On Sunday I was ready for some fun so we took the kids to see Up, I thought is was great, Luke was scared by some of the parts and Beau and Anna liked it. Ben was tired so he had a hard time staying awake, too much work.
Looking forward to more work and more fun around here as tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation. Too bad Ben doesn't get the summer off too.