Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Want a Potato Smooch?

Easter Egg

This egg was a combination effort by Luke and Anna.
They didn't do anything special or use any special tools,
they just stuck in two colors and this is what happened.

The kids said the bunny was sneaking in and dropping off the egg
which was on the backside of the egg.
It was so cool and so much fun.
This is night vision effect from a photo editing program I use.
You can see the rabbit and egg very well in these.

Our own little Easter miracle. ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Outside Fun

The sun is peeking through.
My kids aren't sure what to do.
They get to go outside to play.
And the mud isn't getting in the way.
There is no snow.
They take off on their bikes and go.
Swinging is so much fun.
Blowing bubbles into the sun.
Even Owen won't stay inside.
He pounds on the door and cries to go ride.
He loves his rocket swing to fly.
Beau, Anna and Luke swing so high.
Even morning rain can't keep them in.
Being almost all together makes me grin.
Soon we will be with Ben
and we'll be a whole family again.

Pictures From Church


Luke was being less than cooperative.
Owen was sunburnt from the day before.
Beau had one pant leg rolled up and one down.
Anna couldn't figure out how to hold Owen and look normal.
A normal photo session in our life. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Just a few pictures of the kids on Easter Sunday
More to come later.

Thank you to Memere for Anna's beautiful Easter dress.
She looked gorgeous this morning.
Bama curled her hair, she is growing into such a young lady, ugh I'm not ready.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Months Old

Today I'm ten months old.
I'm walking everywhere.
I can say kitty kitty, dada, dog, bye-bye and mama (although I never say it for her.)
I wave when people leave.
I don't like my mom to leave my sight.
I slept through the night 3 nights in a row this week.
I am drooling like crazy because teeth are coming in somewhere.
I love to chase the cats and terrorize the dog.
I love my brothers and sister and hate my carseat.
Yogurt is my favorite food.

And I like to pose for the camera.

His baby looks are already starting to diminish. He is really slimming down and his face is showing it. He is still a cuddler and he laughs and smiles with ease. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings me with him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom's Day

Each year a day is set aside to honor mothers. I've done lots of different things on this day, but one thing I haven't done in a long time is actually spent it with my mom. This year, however, I will get to do that and I can't wait. As we face this time of transition in our lives and I prepare for Mother's Day at home I've done a lot of reflecting. With my mom so far away I've learned to look to other women in different phases of their life to learn from and use as role models in my day to day life. I am extremely lucky to have a wonderful mom and mother-in-law who are only a phone call away for advice, a listening ear, or just a conversation, but I've also been lucky here to have those women that will come take my kids for a few hours when they know I just need to breathe. Or the kids teacher who will listen and work with me to accomplish what is best for my child. Or that friend at church that just touches my child to bestow them with a blessing. All of these women have made Mother's day more than just a day for me to be thankful that I'm a mom, but a day to reflect on all the women in my life who have impacted it greatly, my mom, my mother-in-love, my sister and sisters-in-love, my aunts and aunts-in-love, friends, mentors, role models. This Mother's Day will be super special to be spending it with my mom but it will also be bitter sweet as I will have recently said good-bye to some women who have spent the last three years teaching me how to be a better mom. Thank you to all these women in my life, I love you dearly.

Shutterfly asked me to blog about mother's day as it is fast approaching and I will receive a promo code for some free products.
I love the magnets, that is what I made below.
I love the cards you can make too.

You can make awesome personalized thank yous too.

This is a great place to get photo gifts. While that prompted me to post this blog I do mean every word I said, and for those ladies I'm leaving behind physically know you will always be close to my heart.

Feeding the Birds

Luke has been watching the birds for a few weeks and has really wanted to feed them. So one day we bought some cheap bird food and it sat next to the door for a while. Then last week we woke up to snow (yuck) and Luke decided the birds needed fed. He went out in his PJs, coat and mud boots to do just that. Because I bought the cheap stuff he had a hard time figuring out how to get it in the trees but he managed. He was so happy to feed the birds, but we didn't see many that day, although he gets so busy playing he really didn't notice.

What ya doin Luke?

Mom, can I go?

Luke, let me come out too!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mom Said I Could

The main ingredient.

Hmm, this is interesting.

It needs a little foot.

Do you think anyone notices?
I wonder how it tastes?
Its kind of fun to swim in.

Needs a little more dirt mixed in.
Not quite spread out enough.

Looks like I've just about got this figured out.
Mom, this is so much fun.

It's everywhere even on my tongue, but I love this.

This is my mom has the camera pose.

Who cares if she has the camera, I don't get to do this every day.

Don't laugh at my butt.

Leaving the scene of the accident.

Hey Mom, that was fun.

What are you going to let me do next time?

Sometimes a mom has to improvise. There is lots to do...packing, organizing, planning.
But I had no bread, still okay on milk, and Anna is sick and not getting better very quickly.
So I'm not leaving the house. I decided to make bread, I have a pantry full of stuff
and it needs to be used or given away. So I used some.
However, making bread is a hands on job and Owen is a hands on kid.
Can't do both.
So I put a little flour in a bowl, set it on the ground when he wasn't looking and waited.
It didn't take him long to zero in on a mess making material.
He spent half an hour spreading, feeling, laying in, tracking prints around, enjoying.
I got the bread made and had time to take some pictures for memories.
Not only that but on a weekend full of woe, I smiled and laughed at my little one
experiencing something new.
The house was super clean now it isn't, but it won't take much to get it there.
Plus, the new vacuum I got quickly cleaned up the mess.
Don't worry dad, there's no lasting effects just happy memories.