Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Fantastic Weekend

Friday night we had Beau's birthday party with 5 other ten year olds. "Dude" was heard more times than I could count, but they are all super kids with great manners and Beau had a lot of fun. Luke also had his first basketball practice. He didn't want to go because he didn't want to miss out on Beau's party but I made him and he was really happy he went. He got his uniform, chose jersey #1 and got his ball. He loved it.

Saturday was filled with Ben's PT test, the kids and I went to watch and play and I timed his run. He did well and was happy when it was over. We did some chores around the house and then we had Anna's first game at 2, her team lost a lot to a little, but she learned a lot and tried hard. She had two steals and I loved watching her play. We came home for the afternoon and played outside, ate an early dinner then it was back to the gym for Beau's first game and my debut as a basketball coach. Beau was so nervous before the game, but he did awesome. He learned so much, listened really well and is excited for the rest of the season. I loved every minute of it, I was loud and intense, and I called an integral timeout that saved us a turn over. I got a small lecture by the ref for going outside my coaching box, and had many compliments after the game about how involved I was. I'm not sure Ben really enjoyed watching his wife be quite so loud, but I am hoping he gets used to it, this just may be the start of my coaching career, I absolutely loved it. Oh and we did win by four 29-25. Don't I make fourth grade basketball sound like fun.
This picture was taken just to capture the kids in the middle of the day, the sun was all wrong but I like it anyway.

Today Auntie Annette and Uncle Ray came over for breakfast.
Owen got his first hair cut by a true professional, one who showed more love than any other would. I won't mention she pinched his skin with the scissors because she felt so bad about it but he was really fine. He looks older and he is so handsome when I'm not squeezing his cheeks to hold his head still. Then we all went and looked at the house we are hoping to buy. We appreciate their opinions and are so thankful to have family here to be involved with our big life decisions.
Now it is off to Stephanie and Brian's (Ben's cousin) for homemade cookies and pizza.
Life is GREAT! (Beau likes to capitalize in papers for school to emphasize words it makes me laugh.)

We are also enjoying just the beginning of family time, the kids and Ben have the whole week off.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

He's One Decade...Ten Years of Adventure

The baby I brought home from the hospital.

This grin, the one that got him into trouble and out of trouble. So adorable and yet so challenging, this little boy was. His love of the water in any form started early. He says he will someday be a marine biologist, and maybe he will. He's not the best fisherman because he isn't a patient kind of person, but he will cheer the loudest for anyone that catches a fish, while he is exploring whatever else is going on around him. This picture makes me remember all the fantastic days of being this little boys mommy, I am so blessed.
At the liver in Louisville, KY. I was sure he would fall in but Ben was all for letting him explore, and he didn't fall in. He had a great time doing whatever it is he does when he gets to the edge of a body of water and looks into til he finds something interesting. Seems like this is the way he lives his life on the perimeter until he finds something that peaks his interest and then he jumps in with both feet, gathering all the information he can and making sure he becomes an expert on the topic. If I knew half of what he was talking about sometimes it would make conversations easier.
In the sand playing with his siblings on Lake Michigan in 2009. He's lost his little boy looks and I can see lots of who he is now. When it comes to his siblings, he is in charge, but he loves them unfailingly. Last week he was pushing Owen in his stroller and he hit a pothole covered in leaves so he hadn't seen it coming, he was going fast. The stroller tipped over, end over end, Owen was upside down with his head a centimeter from the road, I was too far behind to get there but Beau thankfully controlled the tip by slowing it down and then did his best to upright the stroller and his brother all in own swoop. Beau's a tall kid but he's a stick so the fact he accomplished this task before I got there was impressive. He didn't panic and he didn't get upset. We were both thankful Owen was fine and I learned I could count on Beau in a stressful situation.

Beau last week on the beach in Florida. He doesn't stay nearby, he explores the length of the beach until I say "that's too far". He doesn't go with anyone although if he can get me to go with him just the two of us he is one happy kid. He craves his one on one time with me. But he carried this stick up and down the beach just looking, exploring, inspecting whatever he found. I don't know what he will choose to do in life, but I am proud of the young man he is becoming. Beau has challenged me, encouraged me, delighted me, frightened me, laughed with and at me, and he is a true blessing and I am honored to call him my son.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend. I love you Beau.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beau's Beach Day

Starting to see the man in the boy.

But only in certain looks at certain times because he is still all boy.
Beau opted to be buried in more of a crouched position.
He was direct in his instructions, but the result was the same.

Buried up to his chin.

Then he busts free, I love his intensity.
Beau does everything with intensity, and explores it all.
I loved observing him take in every detail, wander down the beach on his own to see what else he could find, then calling to me to come look at whatever it was. Sometimes having to call to him because he'd wandered a little too far.

Owen in the Sand

Content to watch, didn't want to get too close to that rough water.

Stopping to watch his siblings.

I love the tongue sticking out just a little.

Love his sandy toes.

So tired.

Owen played in the sand for hours, digging, burying, throwing, eating. He was so tired by the end he would grab his sand covered pacifier and sit on the towel but he refused to fall asleep, he didn't want to miss anything.

Anna Skydiving

Anna was insistent upon me taking her picture of her towel flying in the wind like a parachute, and when she insists I oblige, it's just easier that way. :)

Playing Together

One of the best parts of the trip for me was watching my kids play together, help each other and enjoy each other's company. Owen would regulary wreck their castle, but they would just rebuild. In the waves they would fall and help each other up or hold hands so that they wouldn't fall as easily. It was fun to sit back and observe. Beau can be bossy, Anna is the peace maker, Luke will just go do his own thing, and Owen causes chaos. They all play their roles well and each can take on anothers role when necessary except Owen who is the mastermind of trouble.

Four Babes on The Beach

This is as close as I got to getting a picture of all four of them looking at the camera.
Owen's pacifier, Anna's goofy look, Luke's grimace, and Beau's longing to get back to the water.
But we tried.

Luke On The Beach

The end of Luke's day, buried in sand...
sand pillow and sand blanket.
After an afternoon of being on the move,
after going back and looking at the pictures it was no wonder he stayed so still in that sand.

These moments of pure joy are ones I will carry with me for a long time.
I have so many pictures with the kids mouths wide open expressing amazement and joy from their day at the ocean.