Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coloring Eggs

Great thanks to Uncle Phil and Aunt Patti...they had us over for coloring eggs and dinner yesterday. Beau was sure he was too old for coloring eggs until he did it Aunt Patti's way. She gave them each their own carton 12 or more different color cups and stood back and watched. This was done outside, she isn't kids will remember it forever and I was so thankful to check that obligation off the list. Beau and Luke spent at least an hour coloring eggs and Owen found it fascinating that there was try an egg under the shell. Anna enjoyed it too but was much more businesslike about it. All in all in was an A+ event.

Dressed for Easter

 Smiles all around,
trying to get all four is always fun,
they managed smiles
amidst the craziness.
 It's rare for me to be in front of the 
camera, but I want there to be some
of me with the kids when they are adults.
 They are getting older and life just keeps getting busier.
But I love Sundays when we get up early for Mass, and put what really matters first.
These are some fantastic children, and I am so blessed to be on this journey with Ben.
We aren't perfect, but He has risen, and in Him we can be forgiven.
Thank You Jesus!

Owen's Easter Smile

Two is so much work,
He tries me to my limits,
He pushes my buttons,
He makes me crazy,
Then he sleeps through Mass,
My arms are heavy,
But my heart is happy,
And when we get home,
This little boy hammed it up.
My baby is not going to be a baby for long.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fruit trees Blooming

Plums, nectarines and peaches...we may not get fruit this year but I am sure enjoying the blossoms.

Hard At Work

Ben is always doing projects around the house, and wherever he is Owen is right there...underfoot, in the way, on top, on the ladder...right there. First he always has to find his tools. He usually tries to match Ben but sometimes he can't so his go to is his drill. He will make everyone look for it if he can't find it but usually he knows where it is. Ben loves having his shadow right beside him. I love having Owen somewhere other than under my feet or in my lap for an hour and he is really cute to watch. He works so hard doing everything just like his daddy, hopefully someday he is as smart and handy as his daddy.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Owen Zip Lining

Owen isn't afraid of anything.
Ben taught Owen to do this.
I had no knowledge of it until this evening.
It scared me to watch him the first few times he did it.
After the fourth or fifth time I realized he had it under control.
All the kids love the new toy in the yard. This link will take you to the you tube video if the above video won't play.

Time with Pepere

Pepere has headed back to the great north, hopefully all the snow has melted. My kids have learned a lot having him and two great grandmothers still alive. They are so blessed to see an older generation, hear their stories, see how strong they are body and mind even though the are over 90. There was a time when Beau was unsure of old people because he really didn't know any, but now I saw him have a great conversation with Pepere and I saw the genuine interest he had and the awe of the knowledge he walked away with. My children have respect for their elders that many children never get to develop because they have never had the opportunity. I am so thankful for their great grandparents, and the love that extends between the generations. My children have greatly benefitted from that love.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Owen's Fire Truck

He rides this truck every day, uphill, downhill, in the mud, through the bushes. "I want to ride my fire fruck" is heard over and over all day long. He loves when Beau gets home from school because he knows when Beau goes outside he gets to too and he gets on his fire truck. He is gaining confidence and riding faster, sometimes he rides his tricycle and is pedaling, after a major crash at the end of the summer he was unsure of his trike, but he is riding it more and I know someday soon the fire truck won't be as loved. But for now we live watching him push along on his fire fruck.

Here is a little video of Owen riding.

Dancing with Pepere

Owen loved having Pepere here for a days. Pepere never knew when Owen might crawl in between his feet, give (or throw) a car to him, bring him a book to read, share the iPod, go looking for him if he wasnt in the same room, pretend he was a monster and hide from him, or as in the pictures stand on his feet and dance with him. Owen had so much fun the last couple days, and I sure enjoyed having someone else entertain him. When Owen woke up this morning he went looking for Pepere but then I reminded him he was at Auntie Nettes. He said "No, Auntie Christine's) because that's where we have visited him a couple times. Owen will be happy to see him again Sunday morning before he heads back to Connecticut. He will miss him as we all will, it was great to have him visit.

iPad with Pepere

Owen was teaching Pepere the iPad today. I enjoy having someone else entertain Owen I should be accomplishing more but such is life. My favorite picture is the one where Owen is looking up at Pepere smiling because they had just finished a task in one of his math games and Owen thought that was fantastic.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Planting with Pepere

Our garden is underway. We had some seeds that needed to be started inside so the kids asked Pepere to help. The kids did all the work while Pepere gave advice here and there. They all enjoyed it and now we just hope to eat fresh veggies this summer.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Green Eggs and Ham

Yesterday at school they served green eggs and ham for breakfast. I didn't let my kids but it because one I didn't want to get them there that early and two it was a Friday during Lent. I promised them I'd make them for breakfast today. Secretly I was hoping they'd forget, but they didn't and so we had them. Green eggs look super unappetizing to me but they all enjoyed breakfast and Beau said it was more appropriate to have them today because today is really Dr. Seuss's birthday. It's fun to do different things with the kids and make memories that will last.