Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Morning Scones

It's the first Saturday in a long time where we have nothing on the schedule. Of course all boys were up by 7 and Anna slept in. I didn't really get to sleep in but I did stay in bed and Beau entertained Owen.  As a thank you I made scones for everyone, but it was also a gift for me because they were all in the kitchen area with me. No TV no computer noise just laughter and littles begging for dough while big ones kept peeping in the oven (I've been known to burn a thing or two.) Memories like these make long weeks like this one seem distant and makes the long week ahead of me bearable. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Disguised Turkey

Good thing he was this cute once. Luke had to disguise a turkey for homework. I suggested leaves or flower petals. He went to the rose bush without me, there is now a bare section but he has a very pretty pink turkey although it is very well disguised as a rose bush. Such is life in our crazy house.

This was the rose bush this weekend only one section is bare now though so it isn't terrible.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Family Fun

Tonight we went to Georgia Tech to enjoy a family fun fest for Ben's MBA program. The kids had a fantastic time getting something from the GT bookstore and seeing where Ben went to school. They had ice cream sundaes, cotton candy, snow cones and lots of other little treats. Then there was face painting and balloon animals. The boys both had swords made at least two each and right before we left Ana got a white Werner dog. My favorite part was that Ben stood in line and got me a ballon flower, the kids thought it was silly to get a flower and wouldn't do it, but Ben did. One of the greatest flowers he's ever given me. Then it popped, oops. It was fine the fact he had done it was enough for me. But my great fortune wasn't over, we sent Beau to do something and he took forever we thought he had gone to the restroom. When he finally came back he had stood in line and got me another flower. It was so thoughtful and I'm just so thankful and filled with joy that my main man and my almost man would go out of there way to make me happy because its the little things like balloon flowers that are my greatest gifts because it is so much more than ballon. Love family moments like today, my cup overflows.

Friday, November 1, 2013


My picture taking was minimal. We went with a huge group of people and there were a lot of crazy kids. I dressed up as bat mom for the first time in a long time. Luke was Captain America Beau was James Bond but mistaken for a waiter Anna was spider girl (our version and super cute I thought) and Owen was Spider-Man to the rescue. It was a fun night for all and today we are in a sugar coma.