Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He's Seven

 Luke turned seven today.
Legos and soccer are his passion.
His smile lights up the world.
His hugs are eagerly given and received.
He's grown an inch this summer.
The eagerness in which he lives life is contagious.
He is so loud it is painful sometimes.
He makes the greatest sound effects ever.
He is teaching them to Owen.
Sound effects make spit fly (yuck!)
He has become a voracious reader.
He loves going to school, and his teachers love him.
He's obedient and kind most of the time.
He loves playing imagination games with Anna.
He loves playing bionicles with Beau.
He entertains Owen by playing hide and seek.
Luke came into this world during the hurricane season and I believe he will leave his own mark as big as a hurricane in his life on this world. Every teacher knows Luke's name and many of them get the honor of receiving his hugs. He is one special child, and I thank God for him.
We love you Luke!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Old Toys back in Action

We were cleaning out the shop and I found the box of missing trains the other day. Today I brought the train track upstairs and Owen has spent hours playing chuggy today. The only downside is that he really likes someone to play with him so no matter who enters the room you hear "play with me" over and over. Love a toy that can be loved again eight years later.

Luke loves to Read

Luke has been able to read for well over a year now but getting Luke to choose to read has been impossible. He has a list of other things he would rather be doing and then he discovered Stink Moody, and now Luke loves reading. He even has found some other chapter books to read when he has no new Stink books. I love catching him curled up somewhere with his book. He likes me to read to him too although I am learning he comprehends more if he reads it to himself. Anna is opposite if she hears it she comprehends it. Reading time consumes our evenings and often makes one or two kids late to bed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anna's Window Seat

Ben built Anna's window seat yesterday while I went and ran a 5K then today I skipped softball practice even though I need A LOT of practice and added the cushions and such. Thankfully Auntie Annette handed down a great selection of things so I didn't have to work too hard. Anna loves it and is organizing her things in her Thirty-One utility totes right now. She is just like her mom and if it's organized and she has someplace for everything she is much neater. She says she will read, do her homework and stare out the window. Knowing Anna she will spend a fair amount of time in that spot daydreaming. I am very happy with how it turned out and she is too. The curtain in the back is on a butterfly curtain rod and will go above the window once we get the hardware for it. Owen had to get his hammer to help, Ben said he was very helpful (by being in the way) during the building process. Now Luke wants one, maybe next year. This was my first time using my new sewing machine so we sewed the pillow she is holding in the one picture. She loves learning to sew and was glad to have her own little project.
The finished product...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Drawing by Luke

I love when the kids tell me the story behind a picture. There is a giant behind the tree and a little boy walking by who is going to get scared.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Painting again

Why I do this I don't know. He has so much fun but makes a huge mess. On the second go around I gave him a paint brush and that helped a little. He is one of a kind, thank goodness, we are going on no nap today not sure what that's going to look like in a few hours.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daddy Time

 I'm going away for 48 plus hours to attend the Thirty-One National Conference.
I can't wait...and I'm sure Ben can't either, he gets his kids all to himself.
What a fantastic Daddy!!!
We all love him so much!
Even if they wouldn't all look at the camera at the same time.

I Need These Pictures...

 To remind me how sweet and wonderful he can be.
Because today and yesterday and the day before he was a tantruming two-year old
trying hard to assert his independence but clinging to me at the same time.
Lord give me strength, its going to be a long year.

A Day at Cocoa Beach

 So Thankful for these Blessings in My Life.

First Day of School

So beautiful.

Always a man-cub.

Growing up.

Owen wanted to be in every picture.
 They all had a great day, except for a small hiccup, someone pulled the fire alarm right at the end of the day so car pool took forever and we finally got them about 20 minutes late.
There was a little girl who had a little curl...

All loaded down.