Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mud Fun

Owen loves the mud.
We spent a day at Russell Cave National Park while Ben worked.
The day became long, but we found ways to entertain ourselves.
Owen chose to make mud, and then mud balls.
After dodging a mud ball I made a rule he could only throw it at trees.
He was very proud of the face he made on the tree from his mud balls hitting and sticking.
He ended up very dirty but beaming from the fun.
A sink bath in the visitors center made him passable to ride home with us.

Family Time in Nashville

After Wilmington, the kids and I headed to Nashville to meet up with Pappa Lloyd, Memere, and Pepere. Ben ended up heading up for one day too to join us. One morning after breakfast we were enjoying a 
beautiful day and I grabbed my camera to capture the family moments, but people posed :)
It still captures a great weekend of memories.

Four Generations



 Battleship North Carolina

An alligator laying on a rock caught all of our attention, it was just a small one.
Over spring break we took a short trip to Wilmington, NC, the kids enjoyed nice weather and a trip to tour 
a battleship. It's always fun to experience new things along with the kids, they end up learning more than I do because I chase Owen everywhere. We all had a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting some great pictures.