Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hockey Started

The first practice was tonight. The boys were psyched all day. Luke fell asleep half an hour before we had to leave. I woke him up and dressed him and he wanted nothing to do with it. His gear was too big so we undressed. We got there plenty early so we could get Beau's new skates sharpened and rent Luke some because his didn't get here in time. They got their new yellow jerseys, Beau is No. 22 and Luke is No. 3. The terrible mom I am got no pictures of Beau tonight because I was so busy with getting Luke on and off the ice and getting him comfortable I was only able to get a glimpse or two of Beau. Per Beau's words, "I started a little rough and unsteady but pretty soon I was gliding like a bird." I didn't know you glided like a bird on hockey skates but he had a great time tonight and that is all I wanted for his first practice of the season.
I got several pictures of Luke as you will see below. He started out full of confidence. He got on the ice inched his way out there and then he froze. After standing there for several minutes with no one approaching him, he started to cry. He was able to skate or inch his way to the door back to me without falling. Tears and snot were flowing by then so we took off his helmet and got him calmed down. He tried again though with the bucket, he doesn't really like the bucket because he is bent over and can't see enough. He came off again with a few tears. His coach, a guy he knows from church and last year took him back out then and he did well for a few more minutes. Then he came off yet again. This time I went out with him and stood by the edge, that was until he saw the puck. Once he saw the puck he became determined. He fell hard once, cried, got kissed, and then went after the puck. He fell a lot more times then, but he really liked it once he got to chase the puck. He complained that "my butt hurts" when he came off but he can't wait until Friday when he gets to go again.


Halloween is over!!! YEAH!
Oh wait, sorry. The kids had a lot of fun. Luke found it spectacular that all he had to do was say "trick or treat" and then thankyou and he got a bucketful of candy. He won't stop talking about it.
Beau insisted last Halloween that he wanted to be something scary this halloween. Lucky for him I happened upon costumes for 39 cents at the PX so he got to scary ones and an ugly pirate one to choose from for this year. He loved trying to scare me and the photo effects of this first picture were pretty fitting of his costume, between the wind blowing and me being cold I wasn't holding the camera steady and this was the natural result of that.
Anna was a beautiful fairy. She gracefully ran from house to house in all her fairy glory.

Luke was Optimus Prime although he didn't wear his mask most of the night and nobody really knew who he was and no one could understand him when he told them. Somebody thought he was cute because he got a whole bag of skittles.
Beau's favorite piece of candy from the night, a gummy eyeball.
I don't know what Luke is doing with his hands or what Anna is looking at, it had been a long night.

Hope your Halloween was full of treats and no tricks.

Pumpkin Carving

This year the kids each carved their own pumpkins. Anna had no help, Beau had a tiny bit of help on one eye, and Luke had just a little help figuring out how to saw. They all did great and had a lot of fun. They also enjoyed destroying their pumpkins yesterday.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today Oct. 15, 2009 is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. This day is important to me because I have two children that I have lost and I miss them all the time. Jack would be 2 now, and Rose would be 8 months. We would be a family of 7, but we are a family of 7 because I won't forget them. The kids know they were here even if only briefly, they have a brother and sister in heaven with Jesus. I want them here with me, I want to hold their hands and cuddle them in my lap. I want to get frustrated with their whining and tantrums and spend more money on plane tickets and get a bigger rental car. Nothing will ever be completely right until the day I meet them in heaven, but I have peace knowing God has all of us in His hands. Without his comfort many times over the past couple years I wouldn't have been able to get up and keep going. I am forever thankful for my three here with me, but I will always miss and remember my two that I held for only a brief time in my womb. I will carry them in my heart always. I pray today for my two and for the countless others lost in miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS or through accidents. For the parents, for the families, and for the infants that God may hold them and does hold them all in His heart. May we lift all of our families up and remember we are His, all of us.
God Bless,

Monday, September 28, 2009

High School Football Game

I still am not sure why we went to the highschool football game Friday night, but we did. It was fun and Ben had been wanting to go. Apparently all of Havre joins in on these festive nights, plus it was homecoming. The Blue Ponies (yes that is the mascot, don't ask) won the game so that made it all the better.
However, the highlight for me was what you see in the pictures. Since Beau has been very little he would not go near a costumed person, even his favorite looney tunes characters at Six Flags this summer were shunned by him. He cowered walking near them. Halloween has always been interesting because if an adult was dressed up Beau would avoid that house, especially when they were donning full masks. But for some reason Friday, the Blue Pony did not phase Beau at all, he begged to have his picture taken with the silly creature. I of course flabbergasted by the whole turn of events chased the Blue Pony down and captured the moment. The kids had a good time and others commented on how much they enjoyed watching my kids during the game. To me that sounds like they were a distraction, but I wouldn't say the game was all that exciting. Although the last picture of Anna here makes it look like she was very entranced by the game. She wasn't. I just caught some funny pictures of her.
I am still in awe of the way my kids change and grow when I least expect it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Treats from The Parade

Saturday was the Festival Days Parade here. We went to the two hour long ordeal and knew we were going to get lots of candy, yeah for that. What I didn't know was we'd come home with something else. One of the groups were giving away kittens, and Ben just couldn't pass it up, so now we have a kitten. The kids are in love, his name is Oreo. He will move outside with the other cat eventually but for now he lives in the mud room until he can fend for himself against the other hoodlums that live outside.
I thought it was a perfect replacement for the lost rabbit that Anna has been asking to replace for months, same colors and everything. I thought wrong. Yesterday at the library she checked out a book on rabbits, as well as one on whales and chipmunks before I steered her back to the fiction section.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Swingset

Ben and I (but mostly Ben) spent this weekend and last building the kids a swingset outback. They love it. The monkey bars aren't finished yet but will be by the end of the week. Enjoy the images of them enjoying their swingset.
Anna had a virus this weekend and although she was much better today she was only allowed out for a very limited time to enjoy her swingset. She spent all last weekend out with Ben helping in any way possible and it was very hard for her not to be able to help this weekend, but she is happy it is finished and will spend a lot of time on it this week.