Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Weeks Wednesday Words

...Luke wore 12-18 month jean shorts to school today.
...Anna put her book next to her bed and we couldn't find it for 12 hours.
...Beau got a homework pass so he may never do homework again if he gets his way.
...Owen won't stay off the coffee table, and he doesn't sit on it he stands on it.
...Anna's hair and outfits really matter these days.
...Luke's school work is done to perfection, his teachers continue to comment on how nice his work is.
...Owen just climbed the kitchen stool, that is not safe.
...Beau likes television too much, but he still reads over one hundred pages a day so maybe I shouldn't complain.
...Anna finally took her first AR test, and since we found her book hopefully we're starting a new trend.
...Ben went to Tennessee and back and is now working in the living room, I'm still unsure about this work from home day, he's here but he's not.
...We got an offer on the house, now we counter and play the waiting game.
...God is in the smallest details, He has been showing me over and over again the last couple weeks, if I just trust He will come through. Maybe not in my time, but in His and His is always perfect.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Luke is Six

Happy Birthday To You!
Luke turned 6 today, we are so proud of the boy he is becoming.
Luke is the cup is half full kind of kid. No matter what he always seems to see the good things in life.
Kindergarten has been fantastic, and on Monday he gets a new teacher and a whole new class, but his take on it is that he gets to make more friends.
Luke makes us laugh multiple times a day.
Luke laughs all day.
He is definitely are loudest child, we all know where Luke is and what he's doing.
He can make sound effects for any and all toys including imaginary ones.
There is no shortage of fun when Luke is around everything can be turned into a game.
He has taught Owen how to play cars and make car noises.
Luke's smile can light up the darkest night.
Luke's most famous mark in life is his monkey hugs and we are privileged to get those hugs every day, being Luke's mom is a true pleasure and he is one unique treasure.
We Love You Luke.

Luke's cake was decorated by Luke.
It is mud and bugs and worms and if you look closely some worms are crawling over bugs back into the dirt.

Having Great Grandma Marnell at Luke's birthday was very special.
He was showing her his cake here.

Killer Smile

Intent on Dad lighting the candles.

Showing Dad where to cut the cake.

Opening expressive.

Thanks Cousin Josh for coming to the party and holding Owen. Luke loved his transformer, not sure how much Owen liked being held.

We greatly appreciate being able to share Luke's birthday with so much family. Thank you Auntie Annette, Josh, Stephanie, Mandy, Aunt Pam, Great Grandma Marnell and Erin for coming and celebrating Luke's day with us. We are so thankful to live near family.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Owen's Thinking About The East Coast

Owen brought me this shirt several times today.
So I finally put it on him even though its too big.
He cheesed it up good for a few pictures.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daisy, My Love

Or more accurately Owen's love...

Daisy I have a pony for you.

Here, take it.

Oh bother, I'll come to you.
Oh he's coming around yeah!

I'm Listening, tell me Owen.

Oh Owen you are a story teller.
I see your mouth (close it would you)
Now I must check out your mouth.

See, I'm already gagging girls.

He left me, what will I ever do.

He came back, and I think he's smitten.
She's right, I'm quite taken with this beauty.

For those friends and family who prayed for Daisy almost one year ago, when she was 2 lbs 11 oz losing weight and early as could be, look at her now. Thanks for praying. She is amazing, you could never tell she came 11 weeks too early. Owen and Daisy have always shared a special bond, he used to sit on her even when she was only 6 or 7 lbs, and she'd smile. After being apart for three months it was like they picked up where they left off just more mobile.

Anna's Pleasures

Anna did her own hair this morning for school,
which she does most mornings.
Today however, she was pleased as punch to show me her creation.
She has been reading a lot of American Girl doll books and one of the dolls, "Julie"
wears her hair just like this.
She just gets more girlie by the day, sometimes that scares me.
But I also love watching her grow into a beautiful young woman.

A Squirrely Situation

Why are my children staring out the window?

That is a great story to tell.
My Great Uncle Pete spent some time with us in Michigan this summer, he is 85 and lives alone on a large farm in southern Georgia.
Well I guess entertainment in Georgia isn't exactly something I'd ever seen before.
Uncle Pete tied peanuts in some cord and hung it from the bird feeder to give the squirrels some fun.
The kids thought the whole thing was amazing and spent a long time watching this squirrel get every last peanut from the cord.
Beau loved it and sent Uncle Pete a letter including some of these pictures.
In return yesterday in the mail Beau received a package with a peanut plant (literally one pulled out of the ground) and a bag of peanuts.
Also included was a hand written note from Uncle Pete telling Beau how peanuts grow.
Treasures for sure.

I call the above picture "squirrel nuts" due to the appropriately placed peanut.

He always climbed down and huddled once he got a nut off.
Not entertainment I would have ever dreamed of but it was fun to watch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"O" The Trouble

...Owen loves shoes, he brings them to you all day to put them on he doesn't care if they match.
...He only eats the marshmallows from a handful of luck charms.
...He never misses a candid camera moment, he always poses.

...Owen asleep is rare, but it is so peaceful and adorable.

...Owen loves breakfast, this was the morning the movers arrived, I wouldn't let him eat til I had his highchair and I only had the bottom of his bottle for an unbreakable bowl.
...when Owen's done eating he throws whatever dish is in front of him
...he says thankyou, please, your welcome, more, but seems to have missed the lesson on all done. he really only 14 months because he seems older but I still want him to be a baby.
...taking siblings pictures on picture day, he had to have his turn too.
...he cheesed it pretty good.

...he loves to be near his siblings, although they don't love it as much.

...while I have been typing Owen has strewn a roll of garbage bags through the house and around the furniture, so now I get to roll them back up.
...yesterday it was a tinful of crayons.
...then a tub of colored pencils, got to love (or loathe) the boxes of school supplies around for homework.
...Owen is fun even though he is A LOT of work, his kisses and hugs make it all worth it.
...and his smile could melt anyone's heart.

Just Some Pics and Random Moments

Beau has earned 73 AR points, in AR world that is a lot, he is the highest in his class and he has earned his whole class a donut party. He is very excited about it and there is finally a really positive reward for all his reading. A reward his siblings see and his classmates see and reap the benefits of making his reading cool and part of all of it. We are really happy with the way Beau's school year has started out.
Luke is doing great. He is so social. He came home on Monday to tell me about a new student, but bummed because she didn't sit at his table. I asked where she came from...he said, "through the door like everybody else." Anna and I had a good giggle over that and I tried to explain to him what I meant like he came from Montana, he said he didn't know and didn't care.
Anna is happy to have all her Barbies back and the boys live in bionicle lego land most of the time even now that they have tv they still played in their rooms for over an hour yesterday.
I'll comment on Owen with pictures in the next post.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amazing Anna

Anna is flourishing here as a southern belle. She loves school has many many friends and seems to really enjoy school. I am excited to be Anna's room mom this year as a chance to do something special for her. Being the only girl and in the middle and probably the most cooperative sometimes she gets lost in the shuffle. She is so helpful with Owen that I turn to her a lot when I need to get things done and she rarely if ever says she doesn't want to watch him. I love this video because it shows just how far she has come in life, always my most cautious in the water and in life she is starting to let go a little bit and push her own boundaries without my pushing her. She is a true treasure.


Somehow I made a mistake a posted a post on the Eagan blog instead of on my blog, it had two videos of Owen swimming and to download them here again will take more time than I have of Owen eating in his high chair, so here is the link please go there to watch them.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Traveling with Owen is Anything but Restful

Owen's a traveling baby, but he doesn't want to be a baby and he doesn't necessarily care to fly. He did awesome on both legs from Montana to Michigan, sleeping most of both flights and even walking off the plane from Denver to Michigan. He thinks he is so much bigger than he is. At the lay over he was a nightmare, we couldn't stay in one spot and I didn't want to lug all our stuff around. So I tried to limit him to a small area and it worked somewhat. It was a really long two hour layover. I was so tired and he so wasn't. He went from the chairs to the side of the moving walkway and back over and over again. He climbed on the chairs, he stepped up on the metal ledge by the walk way and fell over when he'd try to grab the moving railing, he quickly learned to just let his hand rest on the railing. He seemed to have lots of fun, while I barely kept my eyes open. I bought him a fruit smoothy so that he wouldn't scream for my coffee and they were nice enough to give me an extra small cup so he only spilled a little at a time. He looked cute though and waved at and said hi to all sorts of strangers definitely wasn't a boring trip.