Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Picture Day

Today was Spring Picture Day at the middle school but somehow we missed the memo telling us that we had to prepay for the pictures, I don't usually buy them but Anna looked really pretty so she was disappointed so we took a few pictures of our own and I will print them and hang them on the wall. They have grown up so much.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anna's Haircut

Anna got a really grown up haircut with layers and texture, she loves. I love it too but I don't love how much older she looks every day.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is Coming

We enjoyed a beautiful day outside on Sunday, softball practice, bike riding, reading on the porch swing. Spring is rolling in, lots of rain this week but that's okay the sun will come back.

Life Lessons from an 11 Year Old

I never know what I'm going to find in the piles of school papers the kids leave on the counters, or tables, or bedroom floors, or living room floors, yeah guess that's something else we need to work on, but I found this treasure a couple weeks ago and its just too good to not keep permanently.

How to Make A Besty

By: Anna Marnell



* 6 cups of laughter

* 3 tablespoons of kindness

* 4 teaspoons of swag

* Dash of conversation

* 2 cups of fun

* 1/2 cups honesty

* 3 teaspoons of support

* Pinch of secrets

* Dollop of forgiveness

* Jokes

First you must mix in 6 cups of laughter with the 3 tablespoons kindness. Next, slowly beat in the 4 teaspoons of sway. Then you should throw in a dash of conversation because your friend will need to talk. Then gently stir in the 2 cups of fun because I know I like to have fun with my friends. Next, we will need to add a 1/2 cup of honesty because who wants their friends lying to them? After you mix that in add 3 teaspoons of support and a pinch of secrets. Then you should put it in a tin of jokes and cook it for about ten minutes. Finally, we to spread a dollop of forgiveness on the top, and there you have it a new best friend.

Snow Fun

The kids finally got their snow day, or more aptly four snow days. The snow didn't last long, only a couple of hours but we made sure to enjoy it. Captured  a few photos but I was too busy playing to get many. Wonderful memories made.

Beau thought Oscar catching snowballs was hilarious.

Luke couldn't wait to peg me with this snowball.

Sledding down the driveway with cardboard didn't workout so well.

I walked down to get the mail, it was so peaceful and so beautiful, I do love the peace serenity of a simple snowfall.

A snow day isn't complete without a snowman.

Owen didn't want to take a break from his snowball fight for a picture, but we tried.

Owen's MOCs

In case you don't know what a MOC is I will tell you.
A MOC is My Own Creation and Owen has made some
Impressive ones this week and he wants them online.
So I put them on my blog even though he wants them put on a LEGO site, 
But this  4 year olds may be able to build but he can't read yet so I can get away with my fake.

It's been a couple days so it was time for a change, he can't think of a name for the first one but the second one is Mini Guy.

One More Time

I do not want to do this my heart does say
My brain says otherwise on this day
Get up, get dressed, wake the kids,
Pack the lunches, sign the papers
Load them in the car, drop them off where they belong
All routine, all so simple, every school day is the same.
Back home to get the little one ready,
Pack his bag and take him too.
It’s the best for him to go today
After he’s dropped and my chores are through I sigh and know there is more to do.
Back home I help him back up his things,
The boxes are checked the list complete.
The minutes tick by
 I wish for them to slow down as we pass our words of love around.
His things are loaded in the car
One last check of the list
The time has come
Pick up the kids a little early
try to enjoy a little ice crem
 a special treat on this Friday.
hearts are heavy
We pay the bill and continue the journey
We drop him at the airport
We walk inside and hug goodbye a curb drop off will not do
The tears run down my cheeks as the kids faces look incomplete
One will cry
One will ask why
They do not understand
Looks of concern hide in their eyes
We give those last hugs, we don’t want to let go
The countdown begins til he comes home.
I’ve done it before I can do it again.
I put on my brave face as he turns one way and us the other.
Return to the parking lot, get in the car
(Ben forgets his phone...
Beau saves the day with a sprint back inside)
Home to make dinner and start the weekend.
(It takes two hours in traffic and one stop at a shady Kroger)
One day at a time, one meal at a time, one task at a time.
Dry the tears mine and theirs,
Feed their stomachs and their hearts
I can do this my heart will say it hurts like hell but there is no other way
He’ll come home my brain tells me too
And until that time I know what to do.
Pray hard, love hard, try hard, it is hard
 it is my life, my gift from God and through His grace

His will be done.