Friday, May 16, 2008

Establishing ourselves

I had high hopes of blogging daily, but alas it hasn't been done. So today I will try again. The house has begun, the footings are in and the basement will be poured by Monday. God has it all in His hands and I am trying so hard to let Him keep it there. The kids love playing in dirt, and I enjoy collecting the rocks to use later in flower beds or as a campfire ring. Now that life is beginning to take shape as far as where our permanent home will be I finally got the kids signed up for school next year. Kindergarten and first grade and letting 2 go out the door at the same time, I'm not sure I'm ready but I think they are.
We've been making new friends and are enjoying socializing with them and others, we are very thankful for the time we have together, for the simple pleasures of daily routines and the knowing that those routines will remain in place for at least a little while. The peace of knowing that there are no deployments lurking in the background and the consistency of two parents disciplining together.
We also added another dog, against maybe my better judgement, but again God knows better than me. Oscar came from a dumpster and his name was destined to be as our youngest was wearing his Oscar the grouch shirt that day. He is a good puppy so far but still young and there is much training ahead of us.
The weather is becoming beautiful we are working on the flower gardens and hoping to plant a vegetable garden in the coming week. God has been so good He has provided us with much more than I ever would have thought to ask for, we are thankful to all those here who have welcomed us and befriended and to all those we have left for their prayers and thoughts.

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