Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a busy weekend, can't believe it is Sunday night already. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me like I wanted so we are lacking photos, but I will make up for that soon. Saturday started off with an early morning of house cleaning. Everyone chipped in and the job was quickly accomplished, the kids were motivated because they were promised a bowling trip. At noon we headed to the pinewood derby for Beau's boy scouts. Beau's car didn't fare so well as it was our first time, it was way too light, we had to add weight and we were ill prepared so the glued on change and bullets really slowed the thing down. He wasn't the slowest car of the day and he handled it in stride. He was pretty upset but with a pep talk from Ben about learning from the present and doing better next year he settled on getting an ice cream cone and then enjoyed watching the rest of the cars race. We ended up being there for much longer than expected and instead of bowling we headed home. The kids weren't thrilled but got big schemes about what they were going to build in the garage with Ben when they got home. After building the car they all wanted to do projects. It started with Ben and Beau building a lego building table for Beau. Anna decided she wanted a table and chairs for her Barbies but was impatient waiting for Ben so solicited my help in the endeavor. It seems like it has been a while since I've worked with Ben's tools, but after spending so much time in Kentucky with them I was fairly comfortable. I used the band saw to cut pieces to Anna's specifications (they weren't all straight edges, but Anna drew the lines). Then we took our pieces inside and with the help of some super glue put the project together. The table doesn't wobble but I don't think I can say the same thing for the chairs. She then HAD to paint them, so she has two blue chairs and a cream table and couldn't be happier. Beau and Ben finished his box and Luke was content making swords out of the scraps he found on the garage floor. Ben then finished his day by throwing together a book shelf for his office. He never ceases to amaze me. We all went to bed early in preparation for the loss of an hour. We all felt that hour loss this morning, but nevertheless we made it to Mass and spent the majority of the day in town. We enjoyed lunch out together, then a trip to the craft store for fabric and more project ideas (for later blog posts). Beau did get a model airplane kit and can't wait to put it together. He had remembered me telling him stories about PopPop's models as a kid and really wishes PopPop was here to help him with it. I wish so too because I am not looking forward to trying to figure it out. Ben will help but Beau won't want to wait until next weekend when Ben has more time.
Then we finally went bowling. We invited some friends to join us and we had a blast. The kids used bumpers and really did well for not having bowled in well over a year. Luke loves bowling and gets a kick out of even one falling down. Each of them got at least one spare which made it all the better. Ben and I bowled for the first time in probably four years, lets say we are out of practice. It didn't matter though it was fun to have the kids cheer us on and get super excited when we bowled a strike (it did happen once or twice.) A quick dinner of home made mac and cheese and off to bed. Another Monday lurks tomorrow. We are getting so much closer to bean (or spring...Luke said he can't wait til "bean" the other day and it took a lot of translating before Beau came up with the fact that he was saying spring), the sun is shining a little bit more and hopefully the snow continues to melt.

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