Friday, August 27, 2010

First and Second Day of School

Beau and Anna started school on Thursday, but my camera was out of commission. So after school I got a picture of Anna and then today I took second day of school pictures on the way to the bus stop. They are still tired from our mini-vacation in Billings, you can tell by Beau's eyes he wasn't ready to be awake. They both get up great, love their teachers and are excited to be back in school. Me, I'd still like for them to be at home. Luke would like them home too, he misses them a lot, he's a little lonely. He starts preschool next Wednesday three days a week in the morning, and I am hoping we take naps in the afternoon. Anna loves to come home and cuddle or play with Owen and Beau just comes home and heads off to play. We will settle into a routine, but for now it is still new and we are all adjusting.

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