Friday, March 30, 2012

Luke Reads to Owen

I remember the first time Beau read to Anna, and when Anna read to Luke. Beau and Anna have already read to Owen, but this was the first book Luke read to him. Owen loves to read and once you sit down with him and a book it will be at least half an hour before you get up, and you'll have read the same book five times. I got him two books at the library today, I have already read them to him and Anna has read them to him. Luke is becoming a very good reader, and the books I checked out for Owen were really books I got for Luke to read without help. Luke's favorite books are Nate the Great, but he still needs those read to him. (Although I think he could read them to himself, he just refuses to goal over spring break is to have him read one to me a little at a time.) Nothing better than watching your big kids read to your little ones.

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