Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Snorkeling Biscayne Bay

We had the opportunity to take the kids snorkeling this past week. We went to Biscayne Bay national Park. It was a fantastic trip. We saw a manatee, dolphins - 3 pods of them, two sea turtles, a string ray, lots of beautiful fish including a puffer fish and a coral reef. It couldn't have been a more fantastic trip. I was so proud of Beau Anna and Luke. They didn't get scared and they looked very comfortable in the middle of the ocean. Owen did pretty good for a two year old. He never cried just repeated the phrase "I want to get out" over and over. He rode on my hip in his life jacket but refused to wear the goggles. We would bring a little raft for him if we went again but it was still an amazing trip.

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