Monday, October 22, 2012

Anna's A Catcher

 The last game of the season was Saturday.
Anna was AWESOME!!!
I had multiple parents come up to me after the game and tell me just how improved she was.
She stopped almost everything on the ground,
and the only ones that got over her head still hit her glove but were just too high.
She needed a few more inches in height.
She almost threw out the runner at third and she has become confident behind the plate.
When she said, I'll try catcher, I thought okay that will be fun for a little while.
I know she's amazing but I didn't realize all her potential.
She listened to everything we've told her all season and she's trying hard all the time.
More strikes are called because she doesn't let the ball by her and the ump is more likely to call a strike at this age level if the catcher has it under control. 
She definitely is in control back there.
But this week she proved she was more than in control at the plate with the bat too.
She got her first hit, down the first base line into right field and drove in three runs.
A memory that won't soon be forgetten.
Getting in the car on the way home, Anna said,
"I can't wait to sign up for next season."
I can wait, I'm ready for a break but I'm excited to see her play again.
We have a tournament this weekend then we'll put it all away until spring.

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