Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anna's New Look

 Last week Anna looked like this, adorable, hair always slightly undone, but there was
a purpose in keeping it long.
 I encouraged her to cut it many times in the past two years,
as tears ran down her cheeks while I brushed through the major snarls.
But she refused, she had a mission and she was determined.
Her heart is bigger than her pain, and now she has a new look.
 It's short, really short. If you ask Anna, she will just tell you she got a haircut,
a much overdo haircut. She doesn't share the reason unless I really push her to,
she didn't do it for the acknowlegement she did it for those who can't.
She made it to that elusive 10" mark and she donated her hair to L*cks of Love,
but she barely made it thus the reason it is so short, but she was willing.
Her Bama, my mom took her to get it done,
she never looked back, 
she loves her new haircut,
and she shines from the inside out
because her heart is willing.
I love this little girl more than words can ever say.
For a while now, Anna and I have our own thing...
when I tuck her in and as I'm walking out of the room I say "I love you."
She replies, "I love you more"
I say "I love you to the moon"
She says "I love you to heaven"
Wherein I concede that she has won and she always giggles.
It is one of my mom moments that I will hold onto to the other side of heaven.
I love you Beautiful Girl!

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Kara said...

I love her new hair cut!!!