Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beau's Take

We took Sydney to the aquarium last Tuesday. She isn't old enough to remember it but we will. Beau is in a fun (not really) adolescent stage where there is always someplace (usually his room) he'd rather be. But for a little while at the aquarium he got motivated and with the use of his camera phone caught some great images. I couldn't access them all my favorite shot of the jelly fish in green is  not accessible to my phone but these are still good ones. Everyday he surprises sometimes in good ways sometimes in other ways.
I took the picture of him and Sydney, holding babies is not his thing right now, eating constantly is. He did adjust her and he is capable of holding her well it just isn't a high priority right now. Not that she seemed to mind she loved being outside and especially loved swinging. 

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