Monday, March 31, 2014

We enjoyed Cowpens National Battlefield while Ben was working. We walked the mile around the battlefield reading the sign, using sticks as rifles to fight the battle we had watched at the visitors center. A mile isn't very long but with these children more words are spoken, stories told, and imaginations going wild than seems to be possible. Getting them all to stand still and look at the camera was a small miracle.

Owen taking aim, he fights for the blue guys. He kept looking for the soldiers, he just didn't understand the battle wasn't still being fought in the fields out back. 

Luke really enjoyed ducking behind trees, and shooting at the enemy. He didn't pick a side,
but he sure shot at anything that moved including me.

Beau didn't know I was taking a picture but he was posing at attention with a wooden rifle.

Dragging sticks in the dirt. Leaving a mark wherever he goes.

In fashion even in the woods, she stops to read every sign, and keeps Owen on track.
I think she really thinks I'll leave him behind.

We watched a video about the battle before we went outside.
They had little plastic soldiers to recreate the battle in the back of the room.
Owen played with them through the whole video,  Luke joined him after the video.

Anna getting tennis shoes on, rocking the fashion statement.

This is the way the kids watch a video at a National Park when no one else is there, which would be what happens at 9 a.m. Beau had seen this one before so he was reading and watching at the same time.

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