Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we have begun a tradition of opening presents from Memere and Pappa Lloyd and Auntie Kara and Uncle Scott. The kids look forward to Christmas Eve Mass and then coming home for dinner which we picked up Chinese this year, and then opening presents. They all loved their gifts and look forward to spending their money in fun ways this year. They are all very good at stashing their money away until they think of something they really want. So far they still haven't spent it although if Owen remembered he had it his would be spent. Owen and Luke had matching shirts and we repurposed a dress that we made a long sweater for Anna since two days before I realized she didn't have a Christmas dress. Ben enjoyed opening the toaster oven and getting it all set up for Christmas morning. Thankyou Memere, Pappa Lloyd, Uncle Scott, and Auntie Kara.
We love you!!!

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