Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Owen is 5

Owen began this new year of his at 5 years old with a super double Poophead party in Connecticut. He's had a big year already, he started kindergarten, he is playing baseball and he lost his first tooth. Owen is all energy all the time, he is never at a loss for words which we feel is unfortunate at times. He has started to read and if he can't figure it out he won't leave you alone until you help him. He comes home from school begging to do a project or write a story. I can't keep up with him. His ability to make us laugh helps compensate for his ability to make us angry with his constant pestering. He's a rule follower at school but not so much at home. Owen loves life the most when all six of us our home together as a family whether eats eating dinner together, family movie night or just doing homework around the table he is happiest when we are all together.

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