Monday, September 28, 2009

High School Football Game

I still am not sure why we went to the highschool football game Friday night, but we did. It was fun and Ben had been wanting to go. Apparently all of Havre joins in on these festive nights, plus it was homecoming. The Blue Ponies (yes that is the mascot, don't ask) won the game so that made it all the better.
However, the highlight for me was what you see in the pictures. Since Beau has been very little he would not go near a costumed person, even his favorite looney tunes characters at Six Flags this summer were shunned by him. He cowered walking near them. Halloween has always been interesting because if an adult was dressed up Beau would avoid that house, especially when they were donning full masks. But for some reason Friday, the Blue Pony did not phase Beau at all, he begged to have his picture taken with the silly creature. I of course flabbergasted by the whole turn of events chased the Blue Pony down and captured the moment. The kids had a good time and others commented on how much they enjoyed watching my kids during the game. To me that sounds like they were a distraction, but I wouldn't say the game was all that exciting. Although the last picture of Anna here makes it look like she was very entranced by the game. She wasn't. I just caught some funny pictures of her.
I am still in awe of the way my kids change and grow when I least expect it.

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