Thursday, September 24, 2009

Treats from The Parade

Saturday was the Festival Days Parade here. We went to the two hour long ordeal and knew we were going to get lots of candy, yeah for that. What I didn't know was we'd come home with something else. One of the groups were giving away kittens, and Ben just couldn't pass it up, so now we have a kitten. The kids are in love, his name is Oreo. He will move outside with the other cat eventually but for now he lives in the mud room until he can fend for himself against the other hoodlums that live outside.
I thought it was a perfect replacement for the lost rabbit that Anna has been asking to replace for months, same colors and everything. I thought wrong. Yesterday at the library she checked out a book on rabbits, as well as one on whales and chipmunks before I steered her back to the fiction section.

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