Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween is over!!! YEAH!
Oh wait, sorry. The kids had a lot of fun. Luke found it spectacular that all he had to do was say "trick or treat" and then thankyou and he got a bucketful of candy. He won't stop talking about it.
Beau insisted last Halloween that he wanted to be something scary this halloween. Lucky for him I happened upon costumes for 39 cents at the PX so he got to scary ones and an ugly pirate one to choose from for this year. He loved trying to scare me and the photo effects of this first picture were pretty fitting of his costume, between the wind blowing and me being cold I wasn't holding the camera steady and this was the natural result of that.
Anna was a beautiful fairy. She gracefully ran from house to house in all her fairy glory.

Luke was Optimus Prime although he didn't wear his mask most of the night and nobody really knew who he was and no one could understand him when he told them. Somebody thought he was cute because he got a whole bag of skittles.
Beau's favorite piece of candy from the night, a gummy eyeball.
I don't know what Luke is doing with his hands or what Anna is looking at, it had been a long night.

Hope your Halloween was full of treats and no tricks.


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