Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hockey Started

The first practice was tonight. The boys were psyched all day. Luke fell asleep half an hour before we had to leave. I woke him up and dressed him and he wanted nothing to do with it. His gear was too big so we undressed. We got there plenty early so we could get Beau's new skates sharpened and rent Luke some because his didn't get here in time. They got their new yellow jerseys, Beau is No. 22 and Luke is No. 3. The terrible mom I am got no pictures of Beau tonight because I was so busy with getting Luke on and off the ice and getting him comfortable I was only able to get a glimpse or two of Beau. Per Beau's words, "I started a little rough and unsteady but pretty soon I was gliding like a bird." I didn't know you glided like a bird on hockey skates but he had a great time tonight and that is all I wanted for his first practice of the season.
I got several pictures of Luke as you will see below. He started out full of confidence. He got on the ice inched his way out there and then he froze. After standing there for several minutes with no one approaching him, he started to cry. He was able to skate or inch his way to the door back to me without falling. Tears and snot were flowing by then so we took off his helmet and got him calmed down. He tried again though with the bucket, he doesn't really like the bucket because he is bent over and can't see enough. He came off again with a few tears. His coach, a guy he knows from church and last year took him back out then and he did well for a few more minutes. Then he came off yet again. This time I went out with him and stood by the edge, that was until he saw the puck. Once he saw the puck he became determined. He fell hard once, cried, got kissed, and then went after the puck. He fell a lot more times then, but he really liked it once he got to chase the puck. He complained that "my butt hurts" when he came off but he can't wait until Friday when he gets to go again.