Thursday, October 7, 2010

Luke Loves Soccer

Luke has really enjoy playing soccer this season.
He is a very good little player, as you can see in the picture
he is almost a head shorter than the other kids.
It didn't phase him, he didn't even notice, he just played hard.
His favorite thing to do is get the ball when it goes out of bounds
or into the goal. He goes for it with gusto.
Sometimes he does some strange things on the field.

He had just kicked it in the above picture and was
going after it hard in the below picture.
He never stops smiling, hope he always
enjoys athletics this much.
He never stops running, and he always cheers for the yellow team,
on the field or on the sidelines you can hear, "Go Yellow, get the ball."
He also says "YEA" all the time, he is fun to watch.

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Mrs B said...

What a champ! He is adorable (they all are!).

So good to hear from you...really miss our convos! Hope you and your family are well.

Mrs B