Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Card Fiasco's

I love to attempt Christmas cards, I've done homemade ones with kids' footprints, I've stamped some and I have done photo Christmas cards for the past two year. Unfortunately many people don't know I've done them because I am notorious for getting them addressed and labeled and then not stamped. Some get sent but many don't. This year Shutterfly is generously giving bloggers 50 free holiday/Christmas cards. Go here to check it out http://bit.ly/sfly2010. There are some great holiday cards that would be perfect for me. Not only will I be able to find the perfect holiday card to send to share our newest treasure with our distant family and friends, but I will also be able to get use from some of these cards all year through. For those that don't get sent (not that I'll do that again this year), I will be able to use them as a thank you or thinking of you thanks to the versatile designs that are offered this year.

I love this first card, Joy for the year
because I can put one picture of each
child into it and the colors are bold and bright.

This card is great because it is
encourage and cheerful and proceeds go to
the LIVESTRONG foundation which benefits
cancer patients.
Shutterfly also has some great gift ideas.
Recently we sent a photo mug to a loved one
and it was well received. Now every morning
Pepere can have his coffee and see his smiling
Check out Shutterfly for yourself, there are some great Christmas gift ideas and lots of cards and prices are great right now. Mugs are even buy one get one half off.

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