Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beau's 9th Birthday

Journeyed back through pictures this week. Back when I had my first baby and motherhood was new and so much was unknown. Beau taught me to be a mom, he taught me how to calm his tears all through the day and night. He is still teaching me with each year something else must be conquered, whether it is learning to read, learning to make friends, leaving behind the cartoons and moving into real tv and movies (his words not mine), growing into the man cub God intends him to be.
Beau is such an adventure. Nothing is just as it is with Beau, there is always more to it and he is going to dig deeper until he understands the reasons behind everything. He can't navigate the internet as well as I can. He and I read books together and have in depth conversations about the characters, what they did right and wrong, what might have made them better, why they are good or bad, and I love discussing story lines with him. Usually he reads the books before I do, but recently I read a series before him and it drove him crazy that I wouldn't tell him what happened next. He'd ask so many questions and I'd just say read it. He is so much like me, I hate waiting to find out what happens next in a movie or book.
Watching Beau's relationship with Ben grow has been amazing. With Ben home all the time Beau has really learned to lean on him and loves spending time with him alone. They have karate together now twice and week and I can see so many of Ben's personality traits coming out in Beau. If Beau questions what dirt is made of, he asks Ben and gets a detailed scientific explanation, my answer is usually God made it. Beau loves watching action/adventure movies with Ben and thinks he is older because he gets to do this.
Beau is excelling at school, his reading level is extremely high and although he has to work at math, he has learned a little studying at home goes a long way to making the school day easier. This is his first year with letter grades and his first grade report card comes home next week.
He loves to have me come lay with him before he goes to bed to rehash his day to me. I don't always have the time he wants me to spend down in his room with him, but I try. In my heart I want to believe he'll always want me to come down at night and rehash the goods and bads of his day, but I know these moments shall pass so I should hold on to them and treasure then now while I can even if there is a list of things a mile long I still need to do and I can hear Owen crying. Juggling all four is a challenge I love, and Beau has really stepped up to being the older brother.
I have treasured these 9 years and I can't wait to see what is in store for us this year.


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P. Smith said...

I miss the head butting the ram through the fence pic most.

The Smiths said...

I have to say tears are in my eyes looking at those pictures of the years gone by and realizing how very fast they pass. Beau is blessed to have such godly parents. Your love for him is so evident and an encouragement to me and I'm sure many other moms out there.