Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lively Luke

Luke loves to laugh.
He got a new duck, he named it Arthur.
He and Anna play with stuffed animals all the time and sleep in a pile of them.
Luke is done with preschool to help me focus more on getting ready for the move.
At first he wasn't happy about not getting to finish the alphabet at school
(they do a letter a week)
but now he loves staying home everyday.
The school gave me a speech referral his last week there, I've been waiting for it.
It is too late to do anything here, but we are working hard at home with his pronunciations.
I am really proud of how hard he is trying and that he is not getting frustrated
when I correct him over and over again throughout the day.
He is also doing a workbook at home and he is very good at writing all his letters and numbers.
He can decipher words and we are working on sight words.
He is ready for kindergarten and he is looking forward to going to school in Georgia.

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