Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anna's Window Seat

Ben built Anna's window seat yesterday while I went and ran a 5K then today I skipped softball practice even though I need A LOT of practice and added the cushions and such. Thankfully Auntie Annette handed down a great selection of things so I didn't have to work too hard. Anna loves it and is organizing her things in her Thirty-One utility totes right now. She is just like her mom and if it's organized and she has someplace for everything she is much neater. She says she will read, do her homework and stare out the window. Knowing Anna she will spend a fair amount of time in that spot daydreaming. I am very happy with how it turned out and she is too. The curtain in the back is on a butterfly curtain rod and will go above the window once we get the hardware for it. Owen had to get his hammer to help, Ben said he was very helpful (by being in the way) during the building process. Now Luke wants one, maybe next year. This was my first time using my new sewing machine so we sewed the pillow she is holding in the one picture. She loves learning to sew and was glad to have her own little project.
The finished product...

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