Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He's Seven

 Luke turned seven today.
Legos and soccer are his passion.
His smile lights up the world.
His hugs are eagerly given and received.
He's grown an inch this summer.
The eagerness in which he lives life is contagious.
He is so loud it is painful sometimes.
He makes the greatest sound effects ever.
He is teaching them to Owen.
Sound effects make spit fly (yuck!)
He has become a voracious reader.
He loves going to school, and his teachers love him.
He's obedient and kind most of the time.
He loves playing imagination games with Anna.
He loves playing bionicles with Beau.
He entertains Owen by playing hide and seek.
Luke came into this world during the hurricane season and I believe he will leave his own mark as big as a hurricane in his life on this world. Every teacher knows Luke's name and many of them get the honor of receiving his hugs. He is one special child, and I thank God for him.
We love you Luke!

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