Friday, March 8, 2013

Dancing with Pepere

Owen loved having Pepere here for a days. Pepere never knew when Owen might crawl in between his feet, give (or throw) a car to him, bring him a book to read, share the iPod, go looking for him if he wasnt in the same room, pretend he was a monster and hide from him, or as in the pictures stand on his feet and dance with him. Owen had so much fun the last couple days, and I sure enjoyed having someone else entertain him. When Owen woke up this morning he went looking for Pepere but then I reminded him he was at Auntie Nettes. He said "No, Auntie Christine's) because that's where we have visited him a couple times. Owen will be happy to see him again Sunday morning before he heads back to Connecticut. He will miss him as we all will, it was great to have him visit.

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