Monday, October 28, 2013

Beginning of Fall

I can't believe November is just a few days away. It seems like fall sports flew by but probably because we have submersed ourselves in busy. Nothing has been easy this fall. Ben and the kids started school on the same day. Ben has entered a global MBA program at Georgia Tech. It is lots of hours for him which means i get to hold down the fort. Thanks to some great friends Beau and Luke still played soccer and Anna played softball. I have missed many great plays the most significant being Beau's first goal but they have learned I have limits and its okay to ask for help. It definitely isn't easy to admit I can't do it all but it's reality.
Beau has adjusted fantastically to the demands of middle school. Ben is committed to his school work but finds time to read a book to Owen at bed, hang out in trees with Luke, tease Anna and watch The Walking Dead with Beau. We sneak a lunch together once in a while.
It hasn't been an easy three months but as all seasons and life bring their own rewards and challenges, this one has too.
I'm thankful for  God who holds me together when I want to fall apart. I'm thankful for the right person being there when I needed a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit whispering to others to make me hear and act when needed.  I'm thankful for children who listen and love in spite of my faults, and laugh at my mistakes with me. We all grow together in our house and learn as we go. I'm thankful for Ben and how hard he works and studies for our family. He makes me laugh when I'd rather cry and he keeps me sane when I feel like I'm spinning out of control.
So as the season changes outside I'm praying for a little change of season inside. We are taking a season of sports off to slow down and enjoy the moments without being on the go all the time. A difficult decision for me to take but I believe the right one. Hoping to capture some memories in a season of peace.

A crab spider on the trees by the kids swingset, Beau told me what it was. Helping me remember to be still.

Our garden flowers that brought color to my life everyday this season.

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