Monday, October 28, 2013

She's Ten (Started in June but I finished it)


She has passed the half way point.
Transitioning from girl to woman.
How I long to make it easy,
how I pray she slides through with grace.
She's an amazing daughter 
I couldn't and wouldn't want any different.
She is sassy and sweet and smart and hilarious.
She is great at being a little sister 
and fantastic as a big sister.
Her role in our life is clearly defined,
I'd be lost without her.
There is no mistaking who her mom is
and she is proud to look just like me.
I can read her mind and I can have no idea what she's thinking.
It drives her crazy and it drives me crazy.
When she grins her whole face lights up.
When she cries her whole body cries.
When she gives a look it is felt.
Her emotions run deep and wide.
She loves forever.
She is strong, 
She is sensitive,
She is beautiful,
She is kind,
She is generous,
She is treasured.
Anna we love you, you make us proud just by being who you are
always remain confident in just being yourself
because you are PERFECT just the way God made you.

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