Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Low Key Christmas

It's been a wonderful week. Sunday we made cookies and painted ornaments. We have all been in the same room for hours at a time and truly enjoyed each others company. The house is staying clean because everyone pitches in Beau was shocked at how often the kitchen needs cleaned. There is no greater gift than time with our family. We miss traveling and having company but we accept what is and have made the most of it. A wonderful Italian Christmas Eve at Aunt Annette's then Mass and bed. Owen has had too much sugar and too little sleep but we will survive him. 
 I did get some better pictures on my other camera but the kids cleaned up pretty well. Beau is always a little low on dress clothes as he grows faster than I can keep up. But he was still handsome in his (lumberjack, as he calls it) dress shirt. Owen and Luke matched almost neither were thrilled with wearing a sweater vest. Anna loves dressing up, and looked beautiful. She asked me to curl her hair, we always laugh when I do her hair because it turns out nice but it's an event getting there.
Christmas dinner at Grandma Marnell's in a little while, but today was low key and quiet. Kids unwrapped presents early, Ben made a simple breakfast, and we have played or napped or rested the whole day. Our blessings are many, so thankful Jesus came so we could celebrate life forever.

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