Thursday, February 5, 2015

Anna's Speech

I don't understand Anna's learning style. She is auditory learner, I can't even begin to comprehend how she does it but we've learned to go with it. She had a speech due this week. She wrote it, she read it to her phone, she played it back to herself multiple times, but she never once practiced it out loud. I asked her every night and every morning if she would practice it in front of me and she flatly refused. I shrugged and figured when she flopped in class and didn't get a good grade she'd learn from her mistake and do it differently next time. It's funny how often I'm the one that learns from her successes, she understands herself even if I don't. I need to learn to bite my tongue more. She gave her speech on Tuesday, it had to be between 4-5 minutes, it was 4:36. Her teacher complimented her on how well she did, SHE NEVER PRACTICED. I don't get it but there is so much in this parenting scheme I don't get that I just need to accept so I will add it to the list and continue to pray that they continue to tolerate me and everything I pretend to know.

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