Thursday, February 5, 2015

Something He Said

In Owen's preschool he goes to Bible every week. This week they talked about how Jesus made fishers of men and they were called disciples. So they each got a cut out of a little person and they had to tell someone about Jesus write that persons name and take it back to school. Owen told Luke about Jesus today, Luke really told Owen a lot more than Owen told Luke.
The discussion turned to Jesus dying on the cross and that he died for our sins. I asked Owen what a sin was, he said "it's a rock painted red". I knew exactly why he said it. Last year I taught Luke's 2nd grade CCD class and I painted the word sin in red on a bunch of rocks to teach the concept of the sacrament of reconciliation. They were to take the rock and give it to me and I made it disappear representing that God takes our sins away for good. I guess Owen took it a little literally. Luke had thought Owen had said walking in red, and Luke's said "that's right Owen sin is walking away from God."
I don't always take the time to write these moments down but I'm trying to more as these preschool years are slipping away and life is filled with teen drama and stress of papers and speeches and exams.

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