Friday, January 22, 2016

We've Been Busy

Before Christmas Bentook all the doors off and last week we took out all the drawers, we stripped them, stained and lacquered and now we have an updated kitchen. Aunt Christine and Uncle Ken gave us the Noah's Ark cookie jar for Christmas which found a perfect home on the open shelf. Aunt Christine filled it with ginger snaps last week but they only lasted two days. I have all the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies so that's the plan for tomorrow. Tonight we have a dinner in the crock pot and all counter tops are cleared and shiny.
In the midst of the kitchen updo we had a great friend in need of a table for her new apartment. We had an oak table in bad shape that could easily be used if it had a little love. Our problem was Ben and I were so busy with the kitchen we had no time to give the table. Beau and Anna solved the problem, cleaning and sanding the table before painting it. They painted the base black and the tabletop white. Our friends found matching chairs and I think it looks great plus I'm really proud of Beau and Anna for stepping up and getting it done with minimal supervision. Guess they have learned something from their dad over the years even though they might deny that. Now on to the next project which is singing the basement. 

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