Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hiking Without Phones

Over Spring Break we didn't do a lot as a whole family, Ben was out of town, kids planned different activities with different people. Luke and Owen got to spend a couple of days with Memere and Pappa Lloyd. So before school came back and I lost the opportunity I planned a day out at Sweet Creek Park where some of the third Hunger Games was filmed. That was my incentive to the big kids anyway, encouraging them to check it out with me. It was a beautiful day, we packed a picnic lunch, and drove out there. When we got there I took all the cell phones and locked them in the center counsel. It was fantastic!!! I didn't feel like I might be  needed elsewhere no one was looking at some random anything, we were just there. Beau was reluctant, I didn't have to pry it from his hand but it was close. Overall we had a great day, and just enjoyed facetime together.

He tolerates me.

Mating Lizards, a science lesson on the trail.

Checking out a giant sink hole, Atlanta may be falling apart.

One might think that they are looking at their phones, but no they are each looking at something from nature and talking to each other. These two have always been good friends, but they won't admit it.

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