Thursday, July 9, 2009

24 Hours Later

We left yesterday morning around 10:30. We travelled across five states, and we have finally landed here in Chicago. We will stay here for a few days before continuing on our journey to Michigan. We got here a little earlier than expected so Beau was able to attend a summer camp outing with his Aunt Sarah. They went to a Cubs game, not that he knew what or who the Cubs were but the fact that they served hot dogs and he got to be with his aunt was enough to persuade him to go. It is strange to be missing one child, but it is quieter here than it would be, and I need some rest so I am thankful. Luke and Anna are adjusting to the long trip. We didn't stop other than to eat or potty so they are laying upside down on chairs at Aunt Sarah's and just enjoying not being strapped in while they zone out in front of PBS. They slept but not as much as normal. I'll post pictures when I get some sleep and take some. Can't wait to share more of our adventures. Tomorrow is Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor waterpark. WOOHOO!!!

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