Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Congratulations Ben!!! We are very proud of you. Ben promoted to Lt. Commander in the Public Health Service today. His first two promotions were in the Army and there was always a big ceremony and a huge deal made. However, now it is a more personal thing. There is no pinning ceremony and no party afterward, it is just pride and self-fulfillment that we are celebrating today. As an 04 more opportunities will become available in the next 5 years and with continued learning Ben will be able to find a job he truly loves. Getting out of the Army was a huge life-changing decision that Ben made a year and a half ago, but he made it for all the right reasons. His priority in life is his family, and I couldn't be more thankful to have him by my side everyday raising our children. He is a great father and the kids have blossomed into self-confident, eager, happy little people having him come home every night at 5. The changes I've seen in them are more than the confirmation I needed to know that he had made the right choice. So there may be no ceremony and no one will really know that his status has changed, but the people that matter know, and his kids are becoming better people because of the choices he's made. Thank you Ben we are proud of you and we love you.


Ayres said...

The only think I can think to add is AMEN! We are very proud of you, Ben. I hope that you can read Bridget's post and feel the love. Aunt Patty

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