Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chicago Land

We just finished a fantastic weekend in Chicago with my sister and her fabulous boyfriend, Mike. They endured all of our stuff, and entertained us fully. We arrived Thursday at noon after an all night driving trip. Beau was surprised with a trip to the White Sox game with her summer camp kids and his aunt. He really wanted to go for the hot dogs. He enjoyed his time there. Then Friday we got up early and made our way to Six Flags Great America. Anna hated her first roller coaster, THE DEMON, but rebounded later in the day and went on the Whizzer three times. Luke loved the Whizzer and was super disappointed not to be big enough for the other coasters. beau loved them all but his favorite was the Demon because he learned that the Demon used to be his dad's favorite. Ben wasn't able to come with us this trip and it was pretty obvious that Beau missed him terribly that day. Thankfully Mike, Sarah's boyfriend, stepped in and rode everything Beau wanted to with him. Thanks Mike we really appreciated your kindness. The kids also really enjoyed the waterpark. Anna and I did the tube rides, and Beau and I did the tubes and some race body slides. It was a lot of fun, but man did it wear us all out.
The next day we slept in and then did a little shopping on Michigan Ave. When I was in high school that was a huge trip for me so doing with the kids with my sister (who does it all the time) was a bit surreal. Anna's birthday treat was a trip to the American Girl Doll Place where she was allowed to pick a doll. She chose Rebecca and her kittens and thoroughly enjoyed her trip there. Then we took the boys to the Lego Store, Beau was fascinated by all of it. Luke was asleep until Beau woke him up and showed him where we were, I've never seen him wake up so fast.
After Lego we headed back to Mike's where we ate the biggest Chicago style pizza I've ever seen. I opted for a stuffed grilled chicken pizza and loved it. We also made a trip up to the roof of Mike's condo complex and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. Sunday we enjoyed a great dinner for Sarah's birthday at an Italian restaraunt in downtown with Mike's parents. It was extremely enjoyable and the kids behaved really well (at least that's my opinion). The kids got to ride in two taxi's and thought that was the coolest thing ever. Thanks Mike and Sarah for a fun-filled weekend.

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Love the trip pics miss u all you look greatp kristi