Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beau in Action

Beau had two games on Saturday and two on Sunday this past weekend. He played hard in all of them and he played a little better in each one. Beau enjoys hockey but isn't super passionate about it. He has really grown this year and he tries hard but he is out their having fun more than anything. He prefers defense over offense so he doesn't often even try to shoot. He loves to sacrifice his body to save a goal, but he doesn't want to be goalie. He is always intense on the bench waiting for his turn to take the ice. The first picture on the bench is one of my favorite, just shows how ready to go he is. The others are all just action shots, it was fun to look back at the pictures and see how hard he was working to get that puck. Saturday is his last game and I hope to get some video and some more pictures.